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Is being a Woman a privilege?

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Some of us would say yes while most of us now, including women themselves wouldn’t agree. I too think it’s not a privilege, not anymore when most of the women around the world are being victimized everywhere and in every field. There was a time when this was a common part of any culture, where women had to tolerate a lot considering it as their culture but today’s dynamics are a lot different from that time. Today we talk about giving rights to our women equivalent to what has been reserved for men already. We talk about giving them what they deserve like men. We talk about educating and grooming them in the best possible way. They are being treated equally but even today when we are talking about rising them above they can’t. Why? Because safety comes first. They don’t feel safe anywhere. We don’t feel safe anymore anywhere not even in our homes not even with our families.

You don’t need to wonder why.

I was going through the Editorial page of THE HINDU of march 21 and was stumbled upon the article having the headline that I’ve mentioned below.


It is nothing but a harsh reality, most of us are very well familiar with especially in India. Although women are being felicitated everywhere, from primary education to advanced education, from being a housewife to being an army officer, from being a teacher to being an entrepreneur, from being a model to being a role model for others or to being an athlete. We are getting ahead day by day. Then where and what do we lack behind? Is it muscle power or endurance capability? I don’t think so. Because we have no evidence to prove that women are holding themselves back. We can see them fighting for their and other rights themselves, we can see them in sports or special forces. They are becoming part of each field. Then what’s the problem? The dynamics have changed. They are changing regularly and rapidly.

The strife that went for eight years finally got justice. It didn’t go in vain. It was worth fighting for. Wasn’t it? Each one of you didn’t do anything less by supporting her and her mother in their struggle for justice in many ways you could doesn’t matter, even if it was just a mere positive thought. We know that having good thoughts influences our subconscious and thus our work. Even though we got justice, are we satisfied? No. Why? Because it took years to execute what should have been done in the same year i.e. 2012. Yes. During these eight years, the convicts strangled and agonized to get out of jail and perhaps felt that they shouldn’t have done what they did. But that doesn’t give them away to escape but pay for their deed. I am glad that this day came otherwise everyone went on to believe that this would never happen even myself. Though I was glad that the culprits of Dr. Priyanka Reddy got what they did at the right time no matter if it was legal or not. Sometimes all you need is justice because today it can’t be necessarily believed that you will be served for your deeds.

The demand for justice and the journey shouldn’t have been his long but still, we can say the strife didn’t go in vain.

Still, we can say the fight was worth it.




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