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Is Climate Change really Happening?

So finally we are on the hot topic which is most frequently used by the opposition in the Delhi elections to counter the popularity of AAP and since the election season is going on worldwide (sarcastically only in the USA).

We are here discussing a topic which is overused by the celebrities and the ministers in order to gain popularity among the educated youth because it sells the best. And the topic is discussed in an overwhelming on the world earth day but is unheard throughout the rest of the year. Yes, we are talking about mental health no we are actually talking about climate change and pollution control.

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So again reigning as the defending champions of the world pollution league our own most loved city of Delhi turns out to be victorious bagging the top spot not only in Asia but the entire world competing for the most polluted capital city in the world. Sounds dramatic but that’s the truth (sadly). So according to the world economic forum, Delhi has the worst air quality index among all cities in the world. And the highlight is that not only Delhi six out of the top ten most polluted cities are Indian cities.

According to a report about 1.25 million people die because of air pollution every year in India.

And talking about climate change is not a new topic in the syllabus of any school-going kid but is limited to that. The topic of climate change is now eradicated even from the syllabus and hence nothing seems to work when it comes to climate change control. Talking about the definition of climate change it is like

“Climate change includes both global warmings driven by human emissions of greenhouse gases and the resulting large scale weather pattern change.”

Although there have been periods of climate change before since the mid 20th century there has been a drastic change in the weather patterns across the world. And hence soon the upcoming generations will be suffering. Well, why talk about the upcoming generations even our generation is suffering the rise in average temperatures during summer is not an odd to eye scene at least in India.

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And who can deny the fact that the arrival and departure patterns of monsoon have changed significantly over the last ten years? Hence it has been an evil threat to the Indian agriculture scene as a major part of the farmer community in India still depends on natural rains for the sowing of their fields. And this can’t be denied as 70% of the Indian population is directly or indirectly dependent on agricultural activities for their livelihood.

To list a few causes of climate change are carbon emissions driven by (everything) yes, literally everything. Every energy-driven device you use has some or the other way contributed to carbon emissions from the vehicles you drive to the electricity you use for your home appliances comes majorly from thermal power plants which release large amounts of carbon dioxide.

And the breaking of the ozone layer is also a common scene when it comes to global warming and its causes. The ozone layer depletion above the Antarctic glaciers has led to the melting of glaciers. So if humans don’t die of heat they will definitely be facing a tsunami as the killer king. And also the surface temperature rise is the highest in the arctic region. I think I said too much but sadly that’s the bitter truth.

So now let’s focus on numbers that show how serious climate change is. Well, this is something that is already available on Wikipedia so I won’t elaborate much on that. But to sum it up the global surface temperature will be rising by 3.0 C and if the pledges taken at the UN are taken care of even after that it would rise up to 2.8C. So finally if we want to limit the rise in surface temperature by 1.5 C which is considered to be the safe rise then we would have to half the global carbon emissions by 2030 which seems impossible at least to me.

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Now let’s come to the favorite part of the story that is the solution to climate change.

To be honest there is no solution yes literally there isn’t one. But if you talk of terminological solutions these involve the active participation of government in making policies for climate change which is even more difficult than altering policies of operation of large scale industries and then making the common public aware of the situation which ultimately we (our blog) are doing. But the scale up to which this work is as small as the readership of our blog.

But these are not actual solutions as these won’t work until the common people the youth does it.

Hence the government can’t go on banning everything so it is you, the youth who has to work for it.

Save earth

Save nature

Save water

And ultimately save yourself and your life.



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