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Is Distraction Your Pet Peeve? Here Are 6 Steps toward Increased Productivity

Sometimes even the best working schedule can be easily doomed due to extensive distractions.

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There used to be a time when I frequently fell victim to distraction. It didn’t really matter how well I planned to distribute my daily tasks and duties — my schedule always ended up suffering only because I let my focus slip among the wide variety of concentration-stealing aspects of my day-to-day.

Of course, I needed some time to realize just how depriving this reality is — here I was, trying my best to meet my deadlines in time, yet I constantly suffered from distracting thoughts and actions that stopped me from moving forward. That was the time when I decided that enough is enough — my new goal was to find ways that can help me keep my focus throughout the times I needed it the most.

In today’s article, I’d like to share with you 6 steps towards achieving a distraction-free working environment so that our productivity can easily skyrocket. Ultimately, this would bring us success and more fulfillment, and who doesn’t want those in their life?

Focus is key — yet, it’s incredibly easy to lose it in today’s dynamic world when something pops up literally every minute

We all know that a huge part of us being successful in our professional endeavors is the ability to sustain increased levels of productivity.

But as it often happens, sometimes the most important things are the hardest to achieve.

In today’s world, we are constantly triggered by all kinds of distractions. Just look at your smartphone — it’s like it lives its own life flashing and beeping all the time! When we are at the office, there is a high chance our coworkers would be communicating, laughing, discussing projects, or just doing their own thing. It’s no wonder that so many people suffer from FOMO — every minute something somewhere is happening which additionally increases our anxiety that focusing on work deprives us of what’s out there.

If we are easily distracted by everything that surrounds us, then it would be safe to assume that our productivity would suffer. Essentially, this can potentially lead to poor work results and overall dissatisfaction.

But there is always a silver lining — there are indeed hacks we can implement that can certainly help us in persevering our focus.

Let me share with you 6 tips on eliminating distractions as much as possible when working — I can promise you your productivity would skyrocket

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The thing with distraction is that it often triggers a chain of events — we rarely end up checking just one notification. Whenever a trigger emerges, we are quick to follow every other trigger that comes next. Ultimately, this results in a never-ending loop of losing focus and before we know it, we have to wrap it up for today and stay with the bugging feeling of discontent and dissatisfaction.

So when I realized I had to come up with ways to beat distraction, I immediately knew that I had to think of hacks that would prevent me to lose my initial focus in the first place. Here’s what I’ve come across:

  1. It’s important to actually realize that distraction is stopping you from evolving further. Sometimes distractions can offer you much-needed time off without you realizing that those minutes can easily turn into hours of procrastinating. So it’s important for you to be mindful of your work patterns — are you prone to lose an excessive amount of your time over silly things? Is your working schedule suffering? Facing the issue is the first and most important step toward solving the puzzle — and we all should start from there.
  2. Enable a full-blown distraction-free mode on your smartphone. In today’s world, our smartphones tend to be the biggest source of distraction out there. We are all on social media, we all receive tons of emails and notifications daily, and friends and relatives call us all the time — all these factors combined are a recipe for distraction. But as I’ve stated earlier, one trigger leads to following another one — few people can actually put their phones aside after reading this one email. That’s why it would be beneficial to disarm our smartphones — enable a distraction-free mode that turns off notifications, sounds, beeping, and lights while you are working. In advance, you can talk to your close ones and ask them to call you if something’s up — this way you’ll be certain that you won’t be missing something very important and urgent.
  3. Listen to music that increases focus and productivity. There are entire playlists that offer hour-long music that helps you to concentrate — if you aim at a positive and peaceful working environment, you can always check it out and find which tunes correspond to you the most.
  4. Set appropriate boundaries with others. Sometimes having weak boundaries is a common reason for letting distraction creep into our day-to-day. My advice would be to come up with a working schedule and then set boundaries with other people — share with them when it would be appropriate to get in touch for example. This way you can diminish the risk of letting distractions do their toll on your productivity.
  5. Start your day on a proper note. Being mindful early in the morning is actually a great tool to increase your productivity and decrease distractions. Manifest focus by meditating, creating a to-do list, having your first cup of coffee in silence, etc. I share valuable and useful morning hacks in this article right here.
  6. Perhaps multitasking is not your best friend when it comes to a distraction-free day. Many people assume that multitasking benefits their productivity, but from time to time it could be the other way around. Sometimes, when we multitask, we allow our brains to scatter all over numerous tasks and projects. Then we end up feeling drained and incapable of finishing our initial agenda. Instead, focus on one task at a time.

To wrap things up

Distraction is today’s worst enemy when it comes to decreased productivity. But instead of panicking and trying to figure out how to meet our deadlines, we can always try to implement several working techniques — follow my advice and see for yourself whether or not they would work wonders for your focus and work drive.



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