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Is it Time to Take a Break from Writing?

3 ways to know

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If you are reading this then you have probably scrolled through 15 other articles talking about writing on any platform. Most people who are publishing on Medium or any other writing platform are often looking for ways to improve.

Now I know you have read many articles which tell you to write daily or publish X amount of articles per week. All is probably true however, there is a moment when it’s time to take a break from writing. My sign for taking a break came from my inability to finish an article I had started. One day I went into my drafts and located 21 unfinished and unpublished articles.

Immediately I felt a sense of shame which led to a moment of making excuses as to why they were not done. The reality was, I had lost interest in being creative. My focus was no longer putting content out there because it was helping others. It was more about putting content out there to see who would be the reader or if I, like many others, would be viral with my next article.

These moments are sad but true. It is so easy to get caught up in the reality of trying to monetize on your creative nature. Most often, making your sole income off of your creativity can quickly burn out your creative flame. Eventually, the stress of not making enough to create a sense of stability in your life adds to the lack of productivity.

You are unable to complete an article

We have all been there, you start writing, and then you can not find a way to connect your thoughts, or clearly state your points. Usually walking away from it and coming back later does the trick. Maybe even putting a day or two in between the writing helps, but not this time. The usual tricks to writing and finishing an article are not working.

You have lost focus on your niche

Most of us start writing because we have a passion for a particular topic so we become the experts and create content. Everything is going well until you notice the top content monetizing at the moment is not what your niche is. When you see others writing on other topics and they are winning and you are still in the batting cages, you start to ask yourself should I write about something else. At this point, hours could be spent getting lost in following the hot niche in the writing world.

Writing has become your only source of income

Many people make a living off of writing. Writing is profitable because not everyone knows how to communicate well through the written word. However, many business and financially savvy people will tell you, one source of income will never get you out of living paycheck to paycheck. Money is one of the top stressors for humans and when we are solely depending on our creativity to pay our bills, well let’s just say the candle burns out a lot faster.

Taking a break from writing does not mean stopping completely. A break is an amount of time to spend recognizing the value you want to have with your writing. Take a break to regain clarity, creativity, and purpose. Start journaling out your thoughts, feelings, and ideas. If you decide to shift your niche that is okay, but during the break, spend time crafting your new niche so you are ready to write. Remember, writing breaks are temporary, they hold the space to better creativity in the future.



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