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Is Silence Inane?

How do you define silence? The absence of a sound wave from the atmosphere has various notions for different people. It can be awkward, fulfilling, suffocating, or even comforting for some. It is indeed truly said that ‘Noise can only hide the silence not fill the emptiness.’

Music is very often said to have filled the void that comes with silence. It holds the power to comfort people even when words fail to do so. Here’s one such story of what silence meant to a person who is often associated with padding it away.

A famous pianist was once asked, ‘What did silence meant for him?’ His answer was quite unexpected and just one simple word, ‘competitions’. Now one may ask why? The meaning of silence for him lies behind it. The pianist had started participating in a lot of competitions right from when he was very young. Whenever he used to travel overseas for his contests he had to stay in hotel rooms till the very end of any competition. All the participants were given their rooms on the same floor or just above or below each other’s rooms. Since he had travelled overseas for the contest the pianist often fell asleep quickly and woke up late. But in one such international competition, the pianist was unable to sleep peacefully.

Photo by Amy Tran on Unsplash

The reason you may ask. Since it was an all so important contest all the participants had started practising right at the croak of dawn. The pianist heard chaos and noises from all the rooms surrounding him, with each passing day and night. This made the pianist anxious and even he started practising early in the morning and late at night with them. This led him to sleep less and just mindlessly practice. With each passing day of the competition, the noise and chaos slowly started to fade away. Those who couldn’t make it to the next rounds were slowly eliminated. On the morning of the finals, only three pianos were heard. The night when the competition ended the pianist came back to his room, he was all alone. There was no noise, no chaos and no melodious music to congratulate and comfort him. This was the night where the pianist couldn’t fall asleep. That was the silence that he feared the most in his life.



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