Is The Switch Pro Coming This Year?

Why I think the answer is yes.

Arthur Ni


Digital drawing of a nintendo switch console and dock
Image by Patrick Schwarz from Pixabay

Regarding rumors on the internet, new tech is always at the forefront. While it is true that the latest tech is always right around the corner, often times digital artist renderings of what the newest tech will look like are often far too generous to what is possible.

That being said, I have a few reasons why the Nintendo Switch will be getting a proper predecessor this year and not just an upgrade like the OLED was.

The lineup of games this year.

So far, this year is the golden age for switch releases. The game that came with the console's original release is getting a sequel on May 12th, 2023. This, of course, is what was being called "Breath of the Wild: 2" and what we now know as The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

This alone could be enough of a reason for a new switch. A new Zelda after six years and more than enough time to upgrade the console that was behind at launch.

The second game coming out is Hogwarts Legacy. A game that for every other console is releasing at the same time in a few weeks, on February 10th, 2023. However, the Switch version will be released on July 25th, 2023. That more than lines up with the possibility of the new Zelda being the launch title. (Most console launch with exclusive titles first.)

Hogwarts Legacy looks very demanding, something the current Switch lineup would need help with even on lower settings. A new, more powerful modern version could be the reason for the waiting on a release. I find it hard to believe that a game that has been in development for years and had Switch confirmed for most of that time as one of the launch consoles would need to catch up in development.

Image by Manuel Schäfer from Pixabay

It has been six years.

The original Nintendo Switch came out on March 3rd, 2017. By the time Zelda and Hogwarts come out, it will be well over six years since the initial launch of the next-gen Nintendo console. While Microsoft and Sony typically see 6–8 years between new consoles, since the start, Nintendo has seen an average of 4–6 years between their main consoles. Their handhelds towards the end saw longer gaps, primarily due to them focusing more on their consoles in recent years.

Some developers focus more on adding to an older game than releasing a new one. Skyrim, GTA V, and The Sims 4 are all almost a decade old, or in Skyrims case, just over. Consoles, on the other hand, tend to keep releasing since hardware cannot be updated virtually. There has to be new hardware to keep up with the new, more demanding games, or they will fall behind.

Now, Nintendo has never been known for being ahead of the curve in graphics, but six years is their sweet spot for new consoles. Given this and the latest games this year, it is the perfect time for a new system.

What has Nintendo said about this?

Well, there hasn't been much coming from Nintendo other than denying that a new console is in the works. (Does anyone remember when they swore the Switch wouldn't be the end of the 3DS?) That was all until recently, though, when they stated there would not be a new console this fiscal year. It just so happens that this fiscal year ends in March. Two months before the new Zelda launch.

There have been rumors of developers having access to more capable dev kits, but nothing has been confirmed. Nintendo continues to deny all rumors, but that isn't new for them. I remember when the Wii was rumored and had leaks left and right. All the while, Nintendo denied everything. Then almost out of nowhere, the Wii was released.

digital rendering of a Nintendo Wii remote or Wii-mote
Image by Sharan Vijayagopal from Pixabay

When is it coming?

Will all this in mind, I believe that we will see a new Switch be announced sometime in April and released alongside, or close to, the release of the new Zelda game. It is common for them to release a game on the old system and the new, so the system launch will either be at the same time as the new Zelda or a few weeks later. They want to make sure they milk all the money they can. People will want the game as soon as it comes out, so they will likely buy it for the current Switch, even knowing a new one is around the corner.

It is still possible for Nintendo to milk another year or two out of the current Switch; there is a high chance we will see one within the next six months.

(If you are reading this after the Generation 2 Switch has been announced or released, and I was wrong, please feel free to boast in the comments.)

I want your thoughts on whether we are getting a new Switch this year and why you think we will or won't.

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