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Is This Microphone Working?

is a good question

A while back, Greta opened her brief remarks with a question to parliamentarians gathered in Westminster. “Is this microphone working?” She then repeated it. It is still a good question.

The news is dire. Every day delivers despair. Longed-for lights at the far end of the tunnel are flickering . . . or did we just imagine them? But now, apparently with confident resolve, the scientists — the analysts of science we pretend to follow — have no hesitation in delivering yet more unwelcome news. Not news, exactly. The science has been undeniably clear for years. Brace yourself for a cold shower.

Logo: Frontiers of Conservation Science journal
Frontiers in Conservation Science

Yesterday, January 13th, 2021, a Perspective published in the journal ‘Frontiers in Conservation Science’ pulled no punches — indeed not pulling punches was the third essential element of this summary of environmental issues.

In addition to illuminating the responsibilities of scientists, these ten pages were devoted to presenting evidence showing that our climate crisis is woefully underestimated and questioning whether the leadership capacity exists to handle the predictable disasters.

Is this microphone working?” is a very good question.

There is no substitute for settling down to read the full paper. Three bullet-points on a single side of A4, sir, will not tell you what you need to know, sir — and yes, sir, you do have time, sir — assuming you still understand what leadership means. Exactly so, sir, it is indeed as if you are back at school.

There are many reasons why microphones may not work. Signals may be weak, audiences asleep, switches may be off. Or maybe the audience has not yet done their homework. But hey, listen up, we have good news — and this may be a surprise. You have a choice. The only question is: Will it be informed?

Is this microphone working?



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