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Isn’t it Time We Did Away With Politicians?

The last thing they want is for us to find out we don’t need them anymore.

(Images:Tara Winstead, Karolina Grabowska)

I can already tell what’s gonna happen.

Some bastard is gonna read this and go:

You obviously don’t understand the political system. Perhaps if you did more research…

Well, let me just preface this by saying that you obviously don’t understand that political systems are make-believe, as are most of the childish frameworks that we humans create for ourselves.

So stick whatever make-believe qualification you have up your arse and listen up, cos this is important.

Politicians are a fucking drain on society.

Firstly, politicians take salaries way beyond what most people earn, but do they work harder than most people? Are their jobs more dangerous or demanding than the rest of society?

In Australia, The basic salary payable to an MP is $186,973 per annum (Vic Government)

Meanwhile, the average pay of an emergency ward nurse is $64,000 per annum, and the average pay of a firefighter is $65,000.

I know what you are thinking — 186k is a shit ton of money.

And, yes, it’s 3 x that of people dealing with shit, blood, death and that orange burny stuff all day.

But, hold up. that’s just the BASIC salary. Now look at this table:

(Source: Vic Govt)

These are just a few of the extras that our politicians receive.

On the left is the salary they receive IN ADDITION to the $186,000 pa. The column on the right shows their expense allowance. So the total salary for a Premier let’s say, is around $450,000 per annum. And you wonder why they look so god damn happy when they get promoted.

Doesn’t this system attract a particular type of person?

Well, let’s just say that you put out milk, and the snakes will come — guaranteed.


Next, consider this. While they are in parliament making decisions that impact the world and humanity, alcohol is supplied 24/7.

Have you ever wondered why question time in parliament is so rowdy with politicians waving papers, abusing each other and shouting over each other?

Its cos the bastards are all drunk.

According to SMH:

Liberal parliamentarians Dr Katie Allen MP and Senator Sarah Henderson have raised the possibility of alcohol being restricted or banned at Parliament House. This comes off the back of many weeks of reporting of sexual assault, harassment and disrespectful attitudes and behaviours towards women at the “people’s house”.

It is no secret that Parliament House has a problem with alcohol. Risky alcohol use is highly normalised and prevalent at events, in meetings and even in offices when people are working a long sitting day. Alcohol lobby groups also frequently host events where a free bar is provided.

What was the next bill again? (Pavel Danilyuk)

But what is it that politicians actually do?

They introduce bills into parliament to make changes in society (basically). Then they have to get support for that bill from other members to make sure it passes.

That’s it.

Politics is sales. It’s about creating a product and selling it to other politicians.

But its also a delicate balancing act between:

  • Winning over your voters (For the next election. If there were no next election, this wouldn’t matter).
  • Keeping your political supporters happy (Meaning corporate sponsors that donate to your campaign in exchange for political favours).
  • Enhancing your career (You can’t be a renegade in a political party and expect to advance. If you support the right people and vote on the right bills, your time will come. Many political leaders get their chance because they were ‘next in line’ to lead their party.

Then there are lobbyists.

These are people (usually ex-politicians) that get paid a ton of money to wine and dine politicians into passing bills that favour their clients.

Perhaps the most worrying lobbying statistic in our current world climate is this:

Spending $4.95 billion over the past 23 years, the pharmaceutical and health products industry has far outpaced all other industries in lobbying spending. It’s important to note that this industry includes not only drug manufacturers but also the sellers of medical products and nutritional and dietary supplements. In 2021, spending has been topped by the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America at $22.9 million. (Investopedia)

So, if you think that the government is passing any bill whatsoever that benefits the people unconditionally:


In our countries, we talk about democracy like it’s Captain America swooping in to save the world.

Perhaps the word democracy has promise but what we live in now is not a democracy.

Sure, there are benefits, and before you chime in with your ‘Would you like to live under a dictatorship’ bollocks, it would be best to understand that all political models are empty structures that can be used for good or bad depending on the personalities within them.

Let’s start thinking about a pure democracy.

  • One that isn’t subject to corporate influence and corruption.
  • One that doesn’t have a drunken middle man who has a career to watch.

Imagine a blockchain-based political system where a panel introduces bills from a cross-section of society (a panel that changes periodically), which the people then vote on directly.

That’s right — blockchain democracy.

How about logging into our computers and voting for bills directly instead of voting for some corrupt representative?

This kind of system would mean that people can vote on issues directly.

It would save $$$ in salaries, decadent dinners, cars, alcohol, hotels, prostitutes, and god knows what else that is billed to the taxpayer.

Taxpayers were charged $390,000 to upgrade a coffee cart in the press gallery of the federal parliament, officials have told Senate estimates. (Guardian)

  • It would ensure that corporations don’t get preference over citizens.
  • It would ensure that the bills are passed because the people wanted them to be not because someone is getting paid.

The military-industrial complex, the prison industrial complex, the climate issue, the real-estate crisis, the homeless problem, the opioid crisis, the nuclear weapons issue — these are all the result of having a corrupt political system.

Let’s do our own politics instead.

Look, it’s not like we haven’t given the system a chance in its current form. But how long is it going to take before we look at it and go — fuck, this just isn’t working?

As people in the system, we think we are powerless, and to a degree, we probably are. But that’s changing.

Blockchain is an extraordinary thing. An immutable, unhackable distributed database of digital assets. This is a platform for truth, and it’s a platform for trust. The implications are staggering, not just for the financial-services industry but also right across virtually every aspect of society. (Don Tapscott)

Sure, the finance and other industries are fighting back against these things, but that’s what happens when you back a ferrel rodent into a corner — it fights back.

But there is only so much fighting that the rodents can do.

If you are not sick of politicians, you probably are one and if you are sick of politicians, watch this space. The future may be funkier than you think.

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