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It Is A Disservice to Yourself to Stay The Same

Because some people have come to expect you to be a certain way

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One-hit wonder or he now has a different purpose?

The statement one-hit wonder is a misrepresentation of a person. It assumes that because a person topped the chart once, made a groundbreaking invention and they have not been able to do it again that they are a failure.

“Take the person who became world-class in whatever he did. If he went back and retraced his steps and did everything by mimicking himself, he would fail,” explained Naval.

Most people who even say this about such people have not been half as successful at anything.

We have different assignments at different points in time in our lives and unless we understand this, we get stuck trying to live up to what we once were because the world has come to expect it from us. They expect that we are a certain way because that is what our kind or brand should be about.

“It would have been a disservice to him if he didn’t explore all facets of himself. He had to explore all options of himself and exhaust it fearlessly,” said Niyi Osidipe who manages the Nigerian musician Adekunle Gold commenting on his transition in terms of style and artistry.

“I find that when you pay attention to the media, pay attention to people a lot, you end up pigeonholing yourself to something that you’re bigger than,” she continued.

That single groundbreaking album might be what is needed of that person from the world, but you fall under the expectation of people and start trying to replicate what you didn’t even know how you did it in the first place.

I have come to see my life and career in terms of portfolios, not a long-term single project where if I started as a broadcaster — which I decided to be at six, I have to keep making that decision for the rest of my life. Instead, when inspiration strikes, whether it is to make a film or write a novel, I’ll learn how to do and just go ahead and do it, case closed. If the inspiration to write another novel comes, I’ll heed the call, if not, I’ll move on to the next thing that beckons.

So what if a person is no longer as successful as they used to be at something and are now trying to find their way. We are constantly evolving with changing interests as our view of the world expands. It would be a disservice to stay stuck because some people have come to expect some things of you.

Some people are going to be one thing for so long and some people would be versions of one thing in the course of a period while others would be different things at different times.

Don’t let the world put you in a box because of what you once were that you keep trying to convince them that you can still be that person.

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