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It sucks to be me…

Today is one of those days I just want to share what is on my mind

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Today is just an ordinary Friday. All I do right now is write and study and usually, I have a piece of advice to share in my daily articles, but today all I have is nothing but to share what’s on my mind. Today is the first day and 3 days after the 20 days milestone on Medium. I am basking in the fact that I can write and just share my thoughts on days when I'm up and down. But, today I have a story to share with you.

One child said to another “It sucks to be you”

While enjoying the sunshine while it lasts, I saw two children playing in the yard next door. Neither looks older than 5 years old and but inspected small rocks like they were experts in the field. After 5 minutes of just looking on, I heard the girl said to her brother (I suppose) “ It sucks to be you!’ Can you imagine my surprise when I heard that statement? But what’s more was the little boy responded with a sigh and shrugged his shoulders, while looking at his hands.

I was left completed floored by what just transpired. All I could have done was look on in awe. Then I began to think about what could these little humans possibly be talking about. At that time I went back to my days this young, not like I remember much, but nothing brought back memories like today. I do remember my brother and I playing in the yard quite like this about 23 years ago. That day my brother had done something naughty and mommy had already warned him of the lashes coming later. So, to comfort him all I could have said was “Why did you do it?” with tears in my eyes for him.

I couldn't remember what exactly happened that afternoon but I don't think he got the lashes mommy had warned him of.

Why does it suck to be me?

Today, I wish I could go back to the days when the most difficult thing I had to worry about was getting a lash from mommy because I did something naughty. Things back in those days were much simpler. Paradoxically, when I was that young I only wanted to be mature and make my own decisions. If I had told my brother back then “It sucks to be you”, it mostly would have been for the same reason. Now that I am studying for my step exams and writing and occasionally stressed then it does to be me right now. But, my strongest weapon is hope and my hope says everything will work out just fine.

If you feel like this right now, you will be fine. Like every bad day, it will pass and you will say “It is great to be me”.

Thanks for reading.



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Carlisa Byrne

Carlisa Byrne


My name is Abika, I started writing like everyone did to earn money during the pandemic now I just enjoy it. Medicine is my specialty but except lots more.