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“It Touches You.”

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

Lay the ay of
Tie the eye of
Reach the it that
touches you.
Pass the wry of

Hold the sand that
so sticky to your
and hear the sea
it symbols —
those of salt and psalm.

Breathe the ares of
that twink with wild
Then exhale for to share
your earned resilience.

Every touch is but
a tap,
a tone,
a melody.
It is what creates
your life
with gorgeous clarity.

NOTE: Another thank you to poet Kate Gray for her daily call to write and today’s prompt: “It Touches You.” This prompt was based on “The Word,” a poem by Tony Hoagland found here:

Writers, you are invited to a free daily meditation, prompt, time to write, and a poem at 9 am PST. (503–300–2534)




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