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It’s Not Political Science, It’s Just Science

The reason we wear a mask during a GLOBAL PANDEMIC.

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Usually, my writing is steeped in themes of leadership, chasing dreams, or the messes in my life that turned into blessings. But I always write what’s impassioned within my heart. And right now it’s this nasty ass virus that’s changed the entire world for years to come. My bachelor’s degree is in biology. I spent countless hours in cafes reading about microorganisms, the structure of cells, the development of neoplasms, human anatomy, and there was a stupid amount of chemistry thrown in there too. It’s safe to assume that I have some ground and foundation to talk about something like a virus.

We’ve all been in a state of awe with each new opening chapter of 2020. That goes without saying. Personally, I’ve grown more interested in politics than I ever have previously. Maybe it’s because I’ve become friends with John Fetterman and his amazing family or because this presidential election made people care that never cared before (like me). It’s likely a combination of the two.

In any case, I haven’t spent much time studying politics but in the little amount of time that I have devoted to it, I have a hard time seeing the connection that’s somehow been made between a worldwide pandemic — which is the definition of a pandemic, worldwide, as opposed to an epidemic which is sort of isolated to a mostly singular area, a community — and where you stand on the blue and red landscape.

One statement that I’ve heard over and again is rooted in a resistance to doing what we’re told. Ya know, like that Rage Against The Machine song.

“Fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me.”

As if being asked and in many cases required to wear a mask in public because of the RAGING PANDEMIC is somehow infringing on my rights like the government is trying to take away my AK-47.

The fifth amendment thing is for another conversation. I’m just trying to show how the thought of not wanting to wear a mask is somehow being meshed with the conversation happening over there about gun laws. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if someone said, or has already said for that matter, “You can’t make me wear a mask, it’s my fifth amendment right not to!”

Moving on.

The other argument is that the mask will not protect you from getting the virus. Many folks love to point to the packaging details on their N95’s that say it won’t stop virus particles from getting in. That’s a fair argument.

Follow me on this example: If you’re wearing a mask and I’m a vector for COVID-19 (vector means that I’m carrying the infectious pathogen — a pathogen is a disease-causing organism — see, I told you I have a degree in this stuff) and I spit directly in your face or full-on sneeze and spray your face down with my covid-infused phlegm, you are VERY likely to get the virus. And at that point, I’m also very likely to get punched in the face. At least that’s what I’d do if I were you.


And this is a big but. If I were wearing a mask and you were wearing a mask and I tried spraying my covid in your face, it really wouldn’t work. So, the point in wearing a mask isn’t necessarily that you don’t catch it, it’s so you keep your covid to yourself. And if you’re of the school of thought that you don’t have it, I’ll explain that big word that they keep throwing around.


That means you don’t have a cough. You don’t have a fever. You don’t have the sniffles. You don’t have anything. EXCEPT for covid! So let’s all just assume we all have it, without symptoms, and contain our Daffy Duck-style of speaking to ourselves so that people can stop dying and we can get back to a way of life where we don’t have to wear these damn masks. What, you think I like being on a StairMaster for 40 minutes with a face covering? No, but I understand biology and recognize the fact that we’re in a pandemic and people are really dying.

People we know and love.

This is not Political Science. It’s just, Science.

#wearamask #keepyourcovidtoyourself



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