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It’s The Funniest * Thing

The Russian and the Vodka

Alone at home, I have no alternative but to go out onto the streets and look for a story, one not to be found in Marin. My home, soon to be sold, is set in the lofty, loafer-wearing community of Belvedere Island, where the words Fig Newtons aren’t uttered, and homes are full of rented orchids. If I’m going to find something interesting to write about, I’ll do better to head out across the…




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The autistic man who broke my heart. A beautiful young woman with short, thick red hair wears a strapless dress, almost Renaissance style. She is crying, tears flowing as she holds both hands near her heart, one clutching the brown shawl draped around her, the other reaching to clutch the single pearl dangling from a black, choker-style necklace.

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Harry Hogg

Harry Hogg

I was born in London, adopted, lived my youth on an island off the coast of Scotland. Now living between Colorado, Missouri, California. I write to be loved

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