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A couple of days ago I read a book that affected me in its own way of interpretation of women's rights. Then I learned that this book is the first book that includes and symbolizes women’s rights. The main character Jane is depicted so differently than in other novels. She is neither beautiful nor rich. But she is quite intelligent and talented. The book focuses on the ideas of this intelligent woman in the aspect of her desire, determination, stubbornness.

Reading Jane Eyre reminded me how mistakenly we are interpreting women even in the 21st century. In all parts of the world, there are women trying to have an equal facility with men but also trying to shape women in accordance with beauty or other treats makes everything worse and doesn’t even give them a facility. Because these women don’t even notice that society deceives them to be part of them. But the same thing is not valid for men because each and every man have their chance to speak out their truth. Because society doesn’t expect from them as much as they do for women. So instead of categorizing all these kinds of right defending things in one title, we must understand what the other part wants us to tell. Yes, maybe women around you are no different than men when it comes to rights but there are women outside who are not so we must think twice when it comes to women's rights.

Emphasizing the importance of women's education is one of the best ways to instruct a better and healthy society. Because society is the start point of all these arguments. Society must learn that women also have dreams, aims, expectations and ideas. Women without expectations, aims, dreams cannot be thoughful and also healthy individuals from that family cannot be expected. So instead of focusing the gender difference firstly, we should consider the human side of genders. Because no human can live without expectations, dreams.

But look around yourself there is a lot of attempts to objectify women. Using the beauty of women in every aspect of life only teaches that nothing but beauty is the solver of the problems or seeing that people are not caring for the education of women compared to their men siblings is heartbreaking.

So men and women must cooperate on this issue more than everything because this is a danger to all of us, it damages society. So let’s make women shine in their own way!!!

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