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Recently I randomly came upon a provocative question while scrolling through LinkedIn; which made me think not only twice but many times? The question goes like this What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?

All of us have always complained about how there should be no failures in life and have wished about how we would have been more early and easily successful in life if we had not failed.

Well everyone once in their lifetime faces failure. Nobody becomes perfect in just one go or one single trial.

Failures are an integral part of our life. Missing your early morning commute to work because you overslept is also a failure in itself. But what if in a perfect world these failures are just not there? What if whatever you did you just succeeded?

The comments sections of that question’s post just not only just surprised me with all the creative answers from around the world but also forced me to write this article. Some people wanted to build a school, some wanted to impart financial literacy, some wanted to make a blockbuster movie and some even wanted to build a weekend home for themselves. All of these tasks make them feel successful in life, so they decided to attempt that at one go without failing. Even success and failure seem to have varied definitions for everyone.

If I had to answer this question then probably I would just go blank and would have nothing to say at the moment. Because I wouldn’t be able to imagine myself doing a task without failing.

This reminds me of a famous quote by Winston Churchill, ‘Success isn’t final and failure isn’t fatal; in the end, it is the courage to continue that counts.’

But if I had to attempt something and not fail at it then I would probably attempt to save myself from being a hypocrite. I would never like to be a person who is just a woman of her words and not actions. We all might have faced this in our lifetime at least for once. That is the only single attempt that I would like to make. Because all my attempts in other things are just going to give me more experience and knowledge. Probably my this single attempt would make me feel more successful in life. This is what I would call being successful in life.

So with this, I leave it up to you guys to think about this fascinating question once and redefine your dimensions of what we call success and failure.



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Bharvi Dani


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