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Karuna (Compassion)

Left:Image by Thomas B. from Pixabay; Right: Photo by Vladimir Maliutin from Pexels

Survival of the fittest they say
Is the nature of life
Fighting, being frightened, or fleeing
All life is driven by ancient impulse

Stemming from a state of nature
Where it is a war of all against all
Fear, the first intelligent culprit
Diversifies into anger and disgust

Tempered by wonder and laughter
The spirits of yore possess the human
Who is unable to break free
Thrown into the sea of human suffering

As the mind emerges from life
Suffering simply multiplies
With increasing identifications,
One feels existentially alone.

As the external survival of the fittest
Shifts stage to internal incoherence
The fragmented mind thrives by thinking
Hopelessly tangled in a network of thought

Spinning itself into various ideologies
And colliding with one other, they usher
The dreadful clash of civilization
That plays out till extinction

What is the answer to this tiring predicament?
The answer thought out so far

Is either, rejection or affirmation of identity
But using what? More of the same thought?
How can that which creates the chains
Help one break free from it?

This is neither understood by the rational modernist
Nor by the multidimensional postmodernist
Who are stuck in a game of stalemate
Thus, paving the way to an internal hell

How does one handle this perplexing purgatory?
In the past, Christ opened our hearts
While the Buddha reached beyond thought
Both their lives accessible in the present

Only if the human realizes that his ignorance
Is the root cause of his suffering
When the first truth of suffering is realized
The path appears and the cosmos speaks

In synchronicity, the questions cease where
All seems now like a recollection of many lives lived
And many deaths died as life and death
Open up as a continuum in Time

Where energy dances on the lap
Of that sacred principle in absolute ecstasy
Thriving and surviving to realize it’s origin
Only interrupted by the identifying mind

Which distorts divine ecstasy into human misery
Which itself is a highway to realise that Primordial Ignorance
That emerges concomitantly when life-energy individuates
By losing itself in the play of Time.

But when one looks back to that point of separation
Life realizes itself as a sophisticated soup
Alchemized from energy for self-expression
In infinite time that creates a certain space

Suddenly aware of itself, life is now alive
In the mind that is empty as that of Buddha
And a heart that is ablaze like that of Christ
A state of being which in the Now

Finds expression as a permanent compassion
Where the dissolution of identity allows life-energy
To effortlessly flow between the particular me
And the wholesome “I”

As I continue to live out the journeys of life
Before being absorbed into the Sacred
The waves settle and the calm ocean appears
As the individual wave sees itself as the massive ocean

It now becomes the flow
Where the human organism
Overflows with compassion
And starts merging into the Being

Thus, Awakening the Divine Mother
That brimming compassion
Which sees the potential of humanity
To awake, arise, and go beyond

Through the individual to the ultimate
Through multiplicity to oneness
Through ignorance to knowledge
Through knowledge to Love
And from Love to …




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