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Keeping Business Upright in Difficult Times;

Conflicts &/of interest

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Ethics is the systematic examination of the facts, values and duties that underpin our decisions.

The values of individual employees and those of an organization can be in conflict for instance when decisions are made by leadership that aim for profit/balanced budgets but in doing so may compromise fairness, safety and personal integrity for employees/volunteers. Such as child labour. Duties may also be in conflict when organizations have obligations to follow the law as well as being accountable to their shareholders/patrons. Individuals may have duties outlined by their professional codes of ethics and the law. They may have personal duties within their private lives. For example in the event of a pandemic, going to work may put you at risk of serious illness/death. If you don’t show might you lose your job? If you work in healthcare not showing (even laundry/housekeeping) will impact the care of your community. What if you are pregnant? Or your child has compromised immunity from leukaemia treatment?

Some values shared between organizations and individuals include;

-Inclusiveness (face to face negotiations)

-Transparency (explicit honesty at every step)

-Accountability (provide facts, explanations & rationales)

-Reciprocity (seek and acknowledge all contributions)

-If the above are upheld, they go a ways to insure a culture of trust and respect built on common ground.

CONFLICT OF INTEREST is when someone is seen to be benefiting personally from their professional role in a way of that draws criticism and concern. The perception of conflict of interest may be damaging/harmful even if only by appearances and no actual benefit is occurring. For instance a volunteer takes a list of donors and uses the contacts for the purpose of soliciting and selling their cosmetic products. Even if no one purchases products the harm has been done because they have misused their position for their own gain and lost the trust of patrons for the entire organization.

I’m curious about situations in the marketplace that the readership may wish to put out there for discussion.



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Isak Dinesen

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