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Knock, Knock: Is There an Author Living Inside You?

Exploring your inner ingredients — passion, persistence, imagination

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Writers who toil away at their craft will often roll their eyes the minute someone says, “I’m pretty sure I could write a book if I really wanted to.”

Yeah? You think so? I could drive an 18-wheeled semi-truck if I really wanted to. Or pilot a space shuttle. Or perform open-heart surgery. Sure. If I really wanted to.

Writing a book (fiction or nonfiction) is harder than it looks. Trust me on that.

But challenges aside, I believe there are legions of subject-matter experts, autodidacts, and people who are passionate practitioners of a specific art or trade who do have a nonfiction book in them. Not everybody, of course, but some people — definitely.

If I didn’t believe this, I wouldn’t have become a certified nonfiction book coach. Now, as a book coach, I’m on a mission not only to guide and encourage aspiring authors who have already published, or are mulling an idea, but also to find individuals who are ready to have a book pulled out of them. They just don’t know it yet.

This may sound far-fetched. There you are, going about your daily business — working in an office, visiting a job site, peering through a telescope, lecturing students, reviewing architectural blueprints…You are not thinking about writing a book.

Yet your passion, expertise, commitment, and unique way of applying your knowledge to solve problems, make the world a better place, or challenge conventional wisdom, could possibly be expressed in a book that others would want to read.

If the only people who ever wrote books were only the people who have already written books, then we readers might soon grow bored.

There is always someone out there with something new to say — or with a fresh take on an old idea.

Could that be you?

I’ve devised a simple survey that may help you decide if a nonfiction author resides within you. If you are author-curious, visit my website, answer a handful of questions, and see where you land. Then, perhaps, your author’s journey may begin in earnest.



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