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Language models in the biomedical and clinical tasks

Exploring the use cases and limitations

imaginary image representing the language models as a growing brain — generate by author using Midjourney

Biomedical and clinical tasks as language models

For conclusions and proposed research area you can navigate to “solutions and research area” section.

Review and results

language models types — image by author

Pretrained Language Models for Biomedical and Clinical Tasks: Understanding and Extending the State-of-the-Art

Table 1 — Mean (M) of results for evaluated tasks.

Medically Aware GPT-3 as a Data Generator

Table 2 — dialogue summarization results.

Improving language models by retrieving from trillions of tokens

Proposed solutions and research area

Retrievals with specialised models mixer — image by author
Few-shot learners with fine-tuned models
mixer — image by author




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