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Learning is a form of Procrastination. Here’s Why

There are millions of content to digest. You open Twitter — gurus and coaches are showing you how to create your ebook and sell 1000copies in 30days; You listen to podcasts and you learn how to grow your email list to a thousand subscribers with some easy trick.

You spend months scraping through google reading blogposts learning one thing or the other.

You go on Udemy or Coursera and buy a course on Digital marketing. You go on Youtube and watch book reviews and see several books you would love to read. You read them one after the other — with all righteousness because you feel like you’re “learning a skill.” And you’re leveling up.

I’m not talking to one person in a particular. We were all guilty of these at some point. That point where we enter into the rabbit hole of “learning a skill online”

We go at it, and keep buying, consuming, and taking screenshots of whatever we see online to implement them at some imaginary date.

The truth is, there are so many things to learn online — Everyone is trying to sell you something. I am too — buy my ebook by the way. But you will keep being a consumer until the day you decide to have a producer’s mentality and actually create.

It’s easier to keep buying products online with the false assurance that you are doing the right thing. But we are ignorant to the fact that the producers of these things want to sell more things to you — and keep you coming back for more.

You keep buying and accumulating information out of fear that you need something else to make what you’re planning to do, work.

When would you use what you’ve learned? There are two types of people in the market — the buyers and sellers. One has the product while one has the money.

And would the one with the product want you to stop bringing the money? Wouldn’t the person bring more products for you to buy?

We’re in the information era. Whereby information is so easy to get, and you need that information to level up. People are buying information and many more people are selling.

But you would notice something. The people who are buying information are way higher than the people who are selling information. Why? Many people use the learning process to avoid doing the work.

You feel good about yourself when you tell people that you just bought a new course that would change your life — which can earn you a crazy amount of dollars every week. You’re excited and when the praise wears off, you see something else, and you get psyched up again.

You tell everyone around that you’ve just come about the latest opportunity with another crazy benefit. Your excited and you go again, and again, and again.

Now, you know how to make $5000 in one month as a Forex trader; You can grow Twitter and Instagram accounts; You can earn thousands of dollars from every Medium; You can sell thousands of products on eBay and Amazon; You know how to create an app; You know how to flip phones and sell; You know drop shipping and drop servicing

But the only knowledge you lack is how to start.

All these things I’ve listed above are great. If you know how to do them, good for you. But you will keep chasing the next best thing until you can pick one, implement it and stick to it.

It’s when you stick to it and have started seeing the results that you can now have the confidence to create an info-product around it. You would become a producer rather than a consumer — You can now charge people for what you know — If not, you would keep scratching the surface.

And what’s the best form of learning?

Learning by doing.

Learning from someone’s guide or course is not the same as learning from your own experience. They say, “experience is the best teacher.

It is more like “your experience is the best teacher.” You learn the best when you learn from your own errors.

You just need one course to learn the basics. With the basics, you can easily get into action. But would you take the easy way and learn from another coach or take the hard way and learn the basics then learn more as you go?

The former would make you buy more things from them while the latter would make you learn on your own.

Who becomes a better Businessman — Is it the person that goes to business school or the person that goes right into it and learns as he goes?

The person in business school is probably burying himself in case studies and experiences from a Business owned by someone who didn’t even go to business school.

To become unstoppable, you have to change your pattern of learning from learning from others to learning as you go.

When these people are trying to sell their products to you, they usually tell you that it’s an easier way, rather than wasting years doing it on your own. It’s a line that always works because it means less work — who doesn’t like less work.

But most of the people selling those things, learned it themselves to the extent that they can teach it to you.

That’s who you should strive to be like.

Learn by writing

Learn by creating

Learn by talking and

Learn by doing.

All these stop you from learning passively, but actively. You wouldn’t be caught in the hamster wheel of continuous consumption of information without acting. You would now easily act first, and gather more information as you go.




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