Lemon Squeezy Is a Serious Gumroad Competitor For Content Creators

Should you switch from Gumroad?



Screenshot from https://www.lemonsqueezy.com/

Gumroad is dead, haven’t you heard?

While looking for alternatives, you might have stumbled upon a service with the freaking awesome name Lemon Squeezy.

It’s a strong Gumroad competitor that offers similar features, lower fees, widely available payouts, and much more.

Let’s dive in!

Why not Gumroad?

I used to be a huge Gumroad fan. Still am, honestly.

But they shot themselves in the foot by introducing a new flat fee of 10% for each sale of my products. Before this increase, high-volume sellers enjoyed fees as low as 2.9%.

That’s quite the increase.

No wonder creators are fleeing in bunches. And looking for comparable or even better alternatives.

Meet Lemon Squeezy…

What is Lemon Squeezy?

Make Lemonade, a small team of developers and designers has created Lemon Squeezy. They’re also behind other platforms you might have heard about, like Iconic or Premium Pixels.

I love many things about the company behind Lemon Squeezy, including the freakishly…




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