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Image by mohamed matar from Pixabay

The story had begun to grow,
The larger it became,
The more intense he became.
Deeper he dug in,
Making solid foundations
Until the lie became bigger
Than himself.

Those around him
Become astounded
By the sheer refusal to recognise
How pathetic he had become.
Surely he knew?

He had set his face in clay so thick,
No one was to see through.

He found more than a strange enjoyment
In the lies that he had told.
They become an indispensable
Part of his unshaded life,
So much so, their colours became his fix.

Lies, small sparkles that radiated and
Made life so much better for those around.
Those fortunate people who could join in
Such far fetched tales, and did.

He would convince himself
Any idea of an intelligent friend
Who just might
Be smart enough to figure out
All was not as it seemed,
Was hidden far from sight.

Time left him far behind
As his lies became so many,
To keep track became a burden
And tainted his beautiful colours
Until he had realised not
The reality he became immersed.

His choice to keep respect of family and of friends
Was to lose all purpose of his life,
No boredom he chose,
And to keep his beautiful colours.

Thank you, Dr Mehmet Yildiz And all the Illumination team for giving my words a home. Thank you all for reading and your valuable time. J. 1990. Reworked.



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James G Brennan

James G Brennan


Writes eclectic free verse poetry and is free to read. "Everything in life is writable about" Sylvia Plath.