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Life After I Lost My Mother

Having a mother is the best gift in life.

Life After I Lost My Mother
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I am 21 now. I lost my mother when I was 19. It was one of the toughest periods of my life. Never imagined how it feels to lose someone who is really close to you.

It’s been like 2 years I spent my life without her. I lost her in 2020, probably the worst year in everyone’s life.

Covid was not the reason for her death.

My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer (3rd stage when it was discovered) which later spread to the liver.

We found out about the disease at the end of 2018. She fought with the demon for almost 1.5 years.

So, what is my life after I lost her?

Here in this short blog, I will describe all from the beginning. Although I am really bad at expressing feelings, I promise to try my best.

The first few days were the toughest. Every moment I used to feel her absence.

When we lost her, my uncle and aunty used to live with us for a few months to support us mentally and with all household things.

I still can hear her last words to me. She said —

“ I think I will be no more. So please take care of your brother.”

I have a little brother. He is 7 years old and studying in 3rd standard.

So, I have to take his responsibilities; from his studies to all of his day-to-day things.

Along with that, I had to take care of myself (studies, side hustles) and my father.

That time my mornings usually looked like this — waking up, cleaning the whole house (we have a 2storied house), doing dishes, cooking food for my brother and me (I learned how to cook too), and then the gym.

We typically used to have lunch at my uncle’s house. And nights are for studying, writing blogs, or helping with my father’s work.

I had no social life!!

Life was like that until my father decided to marry again. At first, I was shocked as these types of things are not quite common in the society I belong to. I had no choice but to accept his marriage.

In between all these, so many bad things happened in my life which unfortunately I can not share because of privacy.

Currently, I am living in my house with my brother, father, and stepmother. The atmosphere in my house is not how I am habituated with. For that, it is absorbing so much of my mental energy.

So, I am planning to get a job and leave the house within the next year.

Now after losing her I realized how tough life can be without a mother.

Things which you can never imagine will happen in your life. Also, you will get to see the true faces of people around you.

That is all.

I tried my best to explain my life after losing my mother without disclosing everything.

Hope you learned something. Please do care for your mother. She is the best thing in your life.

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