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Life Is About Looking At Yourself & Not Looking At Your Reflection In Someone’s Eyes

The reason to take back your life

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Have you ever walked on the streets and caring about how other fellow pedestrians looked at you? Have you ever felt insecure whenever a random commuter glanced at you from head to toe with a puzzled frown? Have you ever felt uncomfortable or sad whenever you sat down on an empty seat and a nearby commuter shifted slightly away from you for no reason which you could come up with?

If any of those situations happened to you once in your life before, it is time to realise that you have been living your life based on what others think of you. You meticulously adjust and change yourself according to the impressions of what others have of you. You care about how you reflect in their minds. You seek to create a perfect reflection in their eyes.

In the midst of it, you have not realised that you have lost yourself. Everyone is born with a unique personality and through the social pressure of society and how we value and view ourselves, we have slowly allowed these external factors to erode our authentic self. The true self deserves to live freely and express itself.

Do you honestly want to continue shaping and moulding yourself to what society presumes is acceptable? We all tried so hard to be someone we do not know; Someone whom we think will be the elite of the society. We seek approval and recognition. When no one is watching you, you will strip yourself of the mask and pretence, and look at your normal self in the mirror. Do you feel sad that this is your original self underneath all the pretence?

You are unique, and your soul can be beautiful if you allow yourself to be. Do not seek your reflection in the eyes of others and change yourself. Keep being who you are and become a more beautiful person inside out. Do not be afraid to show your authentic self to the world. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. In a way or two, society deems a soul is beautiful if the majority thinks so. Blue is named blue because we named it that way and everyone followed suit. Life has no manual of what we think is beautiful or elite. It is just a definition and mindset created by a trustable entity that makes everyone follows.

A kind-hearted person will be deemed as a beautiful person because kindness, generosity, and compassion towards others are considered a virtue rare and worth treasuring. Do not change your physical appearance to be “accepted” by others. Practice what you preach. Brush up on morals and virtues. A great personality will generate a good aura which naturally acts as a magnet, drawing people of all walks of life towards you.

Do not please others by behaving in a certain way. Life is not about how others look at you. It is about how you look at yourself when no one is watching. From this day onwards, take back control of your life.



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