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Life Is Opposite Movements

Austrian Economic Emphasizes

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Why is Austrian economic system emphasizes life is opposite movements?

Most people start from public values, define individual values, and even define conceptual order.

Man is the purpose — Kant.

An individual is a cause and purpose. Factual order of the emergence. It deviates from the basic principle that humans are goals and works along with the objectification of human consciousness.

Human consciousness is complex, exceeds bounded rationality beings.

Individualism approach collectivism has always been very distinct. A keyword in the tradition of Western thought history, and is individual value, the ultimate concept.

- Individual Value
- Public Value

Individual of Western thought refers to both a person and whole. The value of a person is the value of the entire world. A common problem among modern scholars. thinkers always work on an individual basis.

Empiricism easily valued by later utilitarian thinkers.

Which shows that it is indeed the pioneer of empiricism. But judging from the emergence of the entire history thought, just a fragment.

lacks a comprehensive method of judgment.

Scholars will stick to the value of empiricism, then quickly become disciples of utilitarianism.

It belongs to the most superficial level in the intellectual resources of classical liberalism.



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