Li’l baby

Sanjukt Saha
Published in
Jun 12, 2023


Photo by Martino Pietropoli on Unsplash

My li’l baby is in town
She didn’t rant, She doesn’t rave
She isn’t down.

My li’l baby is in a beige gown
She’s learnt a sweet language
It is new, it is rude
It is strange.

She’s coming of age
She’s making to scoot, and envisage
She walks behind when she doesn’t walk

It is true
She’s a level head.

I remember how
Once I walked the same
My gait, meaningless like my face
The face I made was exasperated
My father looked back
as he said —

My daddy
Like his father before
His daddy, and then all over again
How we learn
Our new, new ways
As slowly
We go away.

Inspired somewhat by Never Fall Apart by Andrew Bird.
© Sanjukt