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Little Little Cuteness

A fiction story of wonder and amazement.

Photo By John On Unsplash

There was a little little cuteness all over that place. Their fragrance was enough to capture hearts. Their appearance was the most beautiful thing there. And that little little cuteness, that was everything. I know you are trying to guess what I am talking about, but don’t, don’t try to guess. Let both you and me know it by walking in that place. The place I am talking about. The place where little little cuteness was filling me with wonder and sweetness.

The first time when I went there, there was nothing worth appreciating. But on my second visit, I saw new heaven there. A place within a place. The winds were cool there. But a ray of sunshine from the cloudy sky was keeping my spirit warm. There was nobody except me. I was alone but surrounded by little little cuteness that was serving me as a friend. My eyes were observing the masterpiece of nature. My heart was singing the songs of love. A constant magnetism was existing in me and held me to that place.

Then, at that very moment, the happiness inside me began turning into sadness. My heart slowly wept when I looked at that little little cuteness. Because I was missing somebody. I needed my soul to be with me where I was.

“O little little cuteness, bring them here just like you brought me. I want them to be here too,” said I and burst into tears.

After a few seconds, a big white cat appeared in front of me. From under the pieces of little little cuteness. I immediately hugged the cat and felt comfortable. Then I thanked the universe for sending me this beautiful gift. The animal that was always so close to my heart. Then I saw a locket on the cat’s neck. There was a name on it, Maggie. As I said,

“Hey, Maggie,”

The cat responded by looking into my eyes. I was still missing my soul, but Maggie’s presence gave me relief. And we both began walking ahead. There was fog. We kept moving through it and saw a big ice mountain in front of us. It was a shocking moment for me because I never thought that I was in an area of mountains. Because the area from where little little cuteness started was like an open land. But now I was in front of a mountain. Maggie was sitting on my shoulder.

“This was the place where I promised you to meet. Under the sky. Between little little cuteness,” Maggie spoke.

And I got scared so much. “How is it possible for a cat to speak?” I asked myself.

Maggie jumped down from my shoulder. And disappeared. I was so confused. Thinking about what’s going on. Was I in a magic land or what?

Then my head started moving, and I fell to the ground, on the little little cuteness. Don’t know after how many hours. But when I opened my eyes, I saw deep darkness around me. Dangerous, horrific darkness. But little little cuteness was still there. I tried to stand up, but I again fell to the ground. My body was energyless. My eyes were on little little cuteness that was keeping me alive.

That little little cuteness was more beautiful than all the jewels of the world. They were flowers, to whom I call little little cuteness.

When I took my last breath in that place where little little cuteness was present. My soul returned. And took me away.



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Hassan Siddiqui

Hassan Siddiqui

Hassan is a heartfelt thinker who believes in the power of the written word to inspire action and enlighten our lives. He is the author of Twenty Bright Paths.