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Locked up

A poem about lockdown

Photo by Hedgehog Digital on Unsplash

Locked up in a house,
having only the internet to browse
I watch the hours tick by
and I don’t even wanna try

depression, my long-lost friend,
you have finally come here, at the end.
nothing new to me you see,
you talk to me whenever I am free

A battle against humans and a virus rages out my window.
When will it go away? We will never know.
I try to do my chores but I simply fail.
and I try to have fun, to no avail.

I sit here thinking about what to do
Dear anxiety, hello to you.
you have also shown up when I least needed you.
I know you’ll never leave me alone, even for a few.

I watch an hourglass pointlessly,
as I ruminate on my thoughts endlessly
my mind is in the middle of a thunderstorm out in the sea,
no land as far as the eye can see.

We hope it will all end soon.
but it feels like it’ll only end on a blue moon.
nothing that we can do.
just stay home, it’s the best for you.




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