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Loove Is Not A Love Song!

A love cry, from Scorpions to Elvis Presley

Photo by Bruno Emmanuelle on Unsplash

I love you, baby, I’m still loving you. Today, I even went to Chinatown, but there was no Chinese food left. They ate them all, but I am still loving you, baby.

Do you know who asked this before? ” Is this the city of love?” Was it Whitesnake? Yes, it must be love, 'cause it’s really got a hold on me. Is this love?

In the rich man’s world money must be funny and love times love equals heavy petting of your partner. Whoever said it(!) I believe it is true, and I believe I can fly that’s why I want to jump down the tower. I will always love you, Whitney, even in heaven if I die baby. But don’t worry be happy! Okay… Okay. I will not jump. No woman, no cry, I said I won’t! Yes I know I know I gave love a bad name.

Yes mama, take this badge off of me. I can’t use it anymore. And I can’t help falling in love with her. I have to put my mind together. A wise man said that only fools rush in. I’m not gonna rush. But I can’t help, somethings are meant to be(!)

I will come to your party this time. And at 12 o’clock, I will have to leave. But if you insist, would it be a sin? Shall I stay with you? Baby? Ohh! NY heart will go on.

The problem is not me, it’s the song.

In your head, in your head.



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