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No one said life was easy. One has to put all his struggle into this. We all know you’re not special because you told us so. You’re not rich like that man, not intelligent like the other, and not gorgeous like the last one.

All you have are excuses not to do what you must.

It is common to say this to your brain to feel good about yourself, but eventually, you have to let this thought pass by and open your eyes.

“Why would I go to the gym if Joe is always going to be stronger than me?”

If you say things like these, obviously you need a change. You must become a dragon with snake eyes and red ears, and you can’t trust external motivation to do it.

I was used to saying excuses like these to me until a certain moment arrived in my life. It was like I was born again. That’s why I’ll tell you some advice that can help you restore your life.

Disclaimer: don’t trust in me

All I say is a lie.

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Every person is different, maybe it doesn’t work for you.

Try and go.

Learn to swim


Tool was a game-changer. Heavy metal in general and Tool in particular. Tool has a lot of valuable messages in their songs, but especially in this one, in which its meaning can be seen from different perspectives. For me, it means that you have to learn to do things for yourself and don’t trust other people.

People like to betray, and better trust in ideas.

Learn to swim?

Yes but with a condition.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it, but before that be sure you gave all you have inside.

Asking for help doesn’t mean that you are weak, but that you’re strong enough to do it.

Teachers and mentors are the people that will help you most in your life. Whatever you want to do, look for a mentor. On the internet there are many.

Find what you like


Whatever you enjoy doing, that must be only YOU.

For example, some years ago I found that I like to play the guitar, but I stop because of an injury. Then, I discovered how much I like to design. Now, I like to write and I do it whenever I can.

You must try things to discover what you like, and you have plenty of time.

Improve yourself


Even if it’s a little bit. Even if it’s not every day. Always keep it in mind. One day you exercise more, one day you do it for less time, one day you don’t do it at all, one day you look for free books on the internet, one day you teach yourself about investing, other days you do nothing.

It’s alright.

You just have to keep pushing, no matter if it’s not every day. Go far and don’t go back.

Eat healthy and do exercise


You must eat healthy, not only for your body, your mind knows when you eat healthily and make you feel over the moon.

If you don’t know how to eat healthy, easy. Eat what nature has for us. Vegetables, fruits, meat, eggs, and fish.

Eat a piece of fruit every day and vegetables as much as you can. You won’t regret doing that.

And exercise with dumbells even if it’s a little. I do it a little and I feel better than always. Look for a simple routine on the internet or simply download on your phone these apps that say 7-minute workout. That’s all you have to do.



I haven’t done it yet, but it is a must if you’re in your 30s because you surely won’t have retirement pay, or surely it is not that high.

What I saw is that the most secure way to invest is in S&P500, which is an index formed by the 500 US businesses that are leading the market, but you can also invest in other things like cryptocurrencies.

Be in contact with nature


It is so important for us. And I love nature. Seeing those high trees, those water falling through the rocks, those birds singing and the sun that covers a river with a beautiful essence gives me chills.

Whenever you can, put your trainers on and go for a walk anywhere with nature. Put on music or podcasts if you like and start the ride. I walk for an hour more or less, then sit and read an article or two, and then do the same before returning home.

It makes you feel so good.

Drink a lot of water


But don’t exceed. Drink what your body asks for. But it must be water.

I buy some powders for water that make it taste better. Makes me drink a lot more water because it is tasty.

Be water, my friend.

Pay yourself first


Your money is almost the most important thing in your life, and you must know how to spend it well.

Pay yourself first. If you have to buy a new computer to write articles, don’t spare and buy the best one. If you need a phone, buy one that will cover your necessities and a little bit more, don’t chase for an Alcatel pls.

Understand? You only live once, so make your life not so ordinary.

Buy good things for yourself.

Enjoy life


If you want to play a videogame for a week in a row…DO IT.

If you want to eat a burger for 3 days for dinner…DO IT

If you want to hang out with friends and buy yourself a monster and a carrot cake…DO IT

Life is to enjoy, not to have rules, but boundaries.


I don’t know what I’ve just done… is this a guide to life or something?

Whatever. Don’t trust me. Just try the things that you see as more adaptable to you and discard the others.

It is what works for me, not for you.

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