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Love | The Little Things To Appreciate — Day 7 Isolation

Love Is Simplicity Without Hidden Expectations

Fill your heart with a garden of flowers representing love

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The path of love is such, that he who treads on it, loses his name and identity. Love is all-embracing and all-pervading: the lover’s heart is a fireplace of love. Whatever comes in it is burnt and becomes annihilated. There is no fire greater in intensity than the fire of love. The sign of true love is manifested in obedience to and the fear of the Friend. — Khawaja Moinuddin Chishti

Love is remembering each other in good prayers

I swear by God that I was going to drop you a message, and you sent ahead of me…Yes, I pray for you.”

Habib Haji Syed Ambar is among the few pious Sufi spiritual person I knew from his service to the people in India. He always carried out langar for religious occasions.

Langar is a huge pot of rice cooked and distributed to the visitors of Ajmer Sherif Dargah — Saint Khawaja Moinuddin Chishti.

I suddenly thought of him when I scrolled the dead Instagram. He is a spiritual Sufi person and lived his life in service to Maulana Khawaja Moinuddin Chishti. Habib Haji Syed Ambar serves the people in India.

It is the difference in roles we lived from the spiritual path. Some people were raised in full-time religious schools written on their prescribed tablets to be religious teachers. Others were in dergahi or monastery written to be a service in humanity.

Besides my Lebanese shaykh, Habib Syed Ambar is another person who has solid conviction in prayers.

A conviction his care is truth

Some people may think that the way he corresponded to me was typical of anyone who wanted to strike conversations. It seemed a common sign of a red flag or cheeky attitude.

In this case, no.

I was from a dergahi of Hautah where it was a Madrasah (school) for the rest of the students. It was a place of service for overaged people like me. We served in unglamorous activities hidden in it, the spiritual aspect.

Through the services we rendered we could get strong instincts. When we wished for something, often we had it coming. We looked at a picture and thought of someone. And that person who from far distance automatically had us on his mind.

It is like the telepathy connectivity people who heavily indulged in spiritual connectivity or meditation at the delta level would understand.

We do not indulge in spiritual activities like meditation and chants without learning the religion for practice. We do not learn the religion to be practical on the outside but spiritually empty from the inside.


  • A person might be misled into psychics or being a median and backslide from the right way being spiritual only
  • A person may be harsh and aggressive about the practical aspect of religion but forget what mercy and humanity with compassion meant from spirituality

Habib and I do not have any conversations on other days. That made it purely a spiritual aspect. There are no red flags in between.

Spiritual Walk means Learning about Love

It is expecting nothing in return. It is not about leading a congregation and saying you expected money thrown into your way with reasons for charity. It is not about match-making services.

Love is simplicity. It is as simple as being remembered and kept in good prayers.

Why was Habib Syed Ambar able to remember me at the instant I thought of him? Our service to the saints spiritually connected us. It was through Maulana Moinuddin Chishti and the Ba’alwie saints I had served in Yemen.

Poet Sufi Shaykh Yunus Emre on Love

Let me close with a poem from the Turkish Sufi and poet, a Cadi under Islamic Jurisprudence and Jurisdiction.

If you are in love with Love, you become a true fellow.

You become a cure for people’s sorrow.

If you are in love with the worldly, you are an addict.

How can you attain the secret in meaning?

The world is a ram-shackle palace, and you are its prince.

You ever so much crave the worthless things.

Worldly desires are not honey but poison.

You ever so much dunk your finger in bane.

Like a wingless bird, you are stuck in the wilderness.

How will you reach the winged birds?

To walk on this road, you need staff from the mystics.

So you can lean against it if you lose your balance.

These words of Yunus are for the beautiful ones.

If you become a Lover, you will wake up and open your eyes.”

— translated by Esmail Ulusarkarya in A COLLECTION OF POEMS By YUNUS EMRE Turkish Sufi Poet (AD.1240–1320)


Cling your hearts on your Saints, not onto the people around you in vain. We fail each other often. Find spiritual love within our heart. The universe will conspire to bring all true lovers together. Focus within our own heart. Fill our heart with a garden of flowers representing love. The deeper depth of our heart contains Love.

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