Love Letter

Giulietta Passarelli
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1 min readJul 9, 2024


Poem — a night’s arrival

Photo by Jess moe on Unsplash

who cares about the day
when the night brings you to me

under darkened skies
I await your arrival
the sea blows stormy like
my heart pounding as your
steps quicken my breath

like a captain manded to its
ship’s course by authority
so my soul also feels the weight
of command

I go to sleep wanting an endless
night and awaken to love’s quickness again
time never stops stoking my heart
my sanity like the sun and my
shamefulness put to rest
I crest like the waves
I care like nature curates the earth
I cleave to a new day with
passion forever.

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Giulietta Passarelli

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