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Love Your Neighbors

Your neighbor will help you in times of calamity

The photo was taken by the author in Porto, Portugal, 2021

Your neighbors can be closer than family.

Be a friendly neighbor and they will be there for you when disaster strikes.

Don’t overstep your boundaries.

Respect their privacy, yet be available when the time arises.

Love your neighbor as yourself.

Benjamin Franklin wrote, “love thy neighbor, but don’t pull down your hedges.”

We sometimes forget the importance of these relationships.

I have found, especially when traveling, that my neighbors can be one of my greatest supports.

I always make an effort to have a good relationship with my neighbors, yet at the same time keep a boundary.

We want them to know we are available should they need us, and that we are trustworthy.

If you have an emergency and your family lives miles away or in another country, who can you turn to then?

If you have made an effort to be cordial to your neighbor and chat from time to time, you can be sure they will be there for you in times of calamity.

“Do not abandon your own friend and your fathers friend. And do not go to your brother’s house in the day of your disaster. Better is a neighbour who is near than a brother who is far away.”

— Proverbs 27:10, Amplified Bible

Thank you Illumination for publishing my work. I appreciate your support. 🙏



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Orla K.

Orla K.

Life coach writing about mental and emotional health, spirituality, healing, and travel.