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This question can make people crazy and incredibly opinionated.

‘PC’s are easy to upgrade.’

‘Mac is not upgradeable.’

‘Mac is for everyone.’

‘PC is for gamers.’

PC is for serious tech people.’

‘Mac is only for designers.’

‘Mac is a rip-off.’

‘PC is more affordable.’

I have used both, and today, I am 100% in love and obsessed with MAC and Apple products.

Yes, I can hear many of you throwing your device across the room and screening at me.

For me

I work in tech, and I am also obsessed with having the latest technology.

I find Apple is the best solution for me and my business: desktop, laptop, tablet, earbuds and phone; I have them all.

Apple provides me with more than enough specifications for what I need to do every day of the week.

Aesthetically Apple products, I find, are incredibly pleasing to my eye.

For my business

As someone who uses technology every day and could not run their business without the internet, Apple products remain my perfect choice.

I constantly wait for new release products to ensure I have the latest and most fabulous items.

Apple's marketing machine has done what it is supposed to do and ensures that I am a loyal Apple customer. As someone who owns a marketing business, I appreciate the lengths Apple goes to for its tribe of followers.

For you

Many people who read this will scream, ‘forget Apple,’ and I understand your opinion. Others will dip their usage to both; you may have an apple phone and a PC desktop.

Then there are my Apple tribe mates; you know who you are. The latest release is always on order. You are waiting for the next Apple event; you read all the content about what could come next. I’m sure it’s not just me!


If you are reading this and are still undecided, in my humble yet biased opinion, choose Apple Mac.

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