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Macron’s Dirty Language

Photo by Anthony Choren on Unsplash

“The unvaccinated people…” The French President Emmanuel Macron said yesterday. “… I really want to piss them off. And so, we’re going to continue doing so. Until the end. That’s our strategy.”

Even though his statement was condemned by many, from right to left, he must be feeling alright today. It must feel nice to see Novak Đoković's visa being cancelled as he hadn’t filled out the forms to define his vaccination status appropriately.

Interestingly enough, the strategy Macron mentioned is exactly the same strategy Australia has been conducting for a year now. It is a strategy that irresistibly reminds of some old dark times and which patterns indicate it could get worst before it becomes better. It is a strategy of restrictions on freedoms, of fostering a two-tier society. It is a strategy whose communication is based on incomplete information, while censorship is a tool to combat those who don’t think alike. It is when they shoot protesters with rubber bullets, and it is a strategy to take the piss with Novak Đoković because he is not vaccinated.

“I won’t send unvaccinated people to prison,” Macron said. “But we need to tell them you will no longer be able to go to the restaurant. You will no longer be able to go for a coffee, you will no longer be able to go to the theatre. You will no longer be able to go to the cinema.”

So, why the hell Macron’s statement was condemned if the strategy has been conducted so successfully by so many countries, including Australia.

“That is not the way a president speak,” Macron’s critics say.


So, basically, the language is the problem!

The strategy itself is perfectly fine. The problem is that Macron was rude while explaining his strategy. The strategy has been obvious to both sides, to those who have been implementing the rules and those who have been on the receiving end, and Macron only said what the majority of governments think, but the problem was — he used a naughty word. ‘Emmerder’. Oh my Lord!

Politicians are mainly a tool big businesses use to meet their objectives. As such, they shall not be rude. They shall manipulate, lie and deceive, but never be rude. There is the whole world based on these principles. It is a very odd world of PR and business communication where the focus is on communication only. It is not important what has been said but how it has been said.

There is also irony in this because, with such a statement, Macron proves to be one of the leading people in the implementation of the establishment agenda. Their best-polished tool. However, the choice of words labelled him a bit of an extremist, and even that very system that has created him was like: “Hey, mate. Chill down, you will ruin everything. We have been conducting this strategy for a year, and we have been doing well. We don’t need somebody like you to ruin everything by using inappropriate language. That is not how a president should speak.”

So a message for the Australian Government: “Under no circumstances, don’t say you are taking the piss with Đoković because he is unvaccinated. Just do your thing subtly and make the motherfucker spend his Christmas in a filthy quarantine. And make him wear a mask — he will hate that.



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