Management Bug: Lack of Customer Needs Definition

Eduardo Espinheira
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2 min readFeb 10, 2021


A customer need is the end result or purpose. It is the “why we are doing this. It is a high-level representation of the requirement needed.

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A requirement is defined as a condition or capability required by a stakeholder to solve a problem or achieve an objective. To understand the difference, let’s have an example.

I need to build a big house for my large family
My requirements could be:
- The house shall have 3 bedrooms (2 small bedrooms and 1 master bedroom)
- The house shall have a backyard
- The house shall be 3 levels
- The floors shall be wood, the wood color shall be dark brown (1)

Customer Needs Identification has two primary goals:
- To keep the product focused on customer needs
- To identify not just the explicit needs of the customer but also the latent needs

These customers’ needs should be independent of any particular product or potential solution. After all, it’s only after identifying those needs that one can begin to meet them. (2)

Without Identifying Customer Needs, you can’t:
- Ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.
- Identify cross-sell related products or…



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