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By definition, an organizational diagnostic is an effective way of looking at an organization to determine gaps between current and desired performance and achieve its goals. (1)

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Before we can envision a more effective organization, we have to understand the current one. We have to understand how it works, identify the main problems felt, understand the impacts, search for the root causes, and gather suggested solutions. In other words, we have to perform an organizational diagnostic. (2)

Many of us react negatively to the term “diagnostic.” That is an unfortunate reaction because there are many benefits from diagnostic. (3)
Performing an organizational diagnostic will improve:
- knowledge of the organization’s strengths and weaknesses;
- customer satisfaction;
- employee loyalty and commitment.
- internal communications;
- work/service quality;

Organizational diagnostics aim to fix issues or pro-actively improve the company’s performance. (4)
In conclusion, every organization should regularly create the conditions to collect valid data about their experiences and feed it back to their system to promote corporate performance.

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