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Manifesting From Your Unlimited Potential

How to tap into your Unlimited Self to create the life you desire

Do you ever get the sense that you should be able to bring your hopes, dreams, and desires into manifestation quicker and easier than you are? Do you sometimes feel that deep within you, there exists something that knows the answers to your questions and has the power to make life work for you?

What you are sensing is your Unlimited Self. The bigger Self that you are. Most people have lost touch with and forgotten this Unlimited Self, sometimes called the Transcendental Self.

What Is The Transcendental Self

What is the Transcendental Self? The Transcendental Self is who you are at your depth. It exists before you come into a body and exists after you leave the body. It is not limited by space and time. It has access to Chitta — cosmic knowledge. When you tap into your Transcendental Self, you find the answers to your questions and more.

The Transcendental Self has the power to create and set up probabilities in your life. These probabilities can take the form of opportunities opening for you. When you create hand-in-hand with your Transcendental Self, you can speed up your manifestation process.

The Transcendental Self Is Unstructured

Your Transcendental Self is unstructured, meaning it exists in energy. Being unstructured, the Unlimited Self has no set form. It is constantly changing, moving through all time and space.

The Personality-Self Consists of Three Structured Bodies

Your personality-self, on the other hand, is structured. In terms of manifesting, the personality-self consists of your mind (mental body), your emotions, and your physical body.

The mind or mental body is the first body of structure in the personality-self. The neuropathways in your brain are a form of structure that gives birth to your thoughts.

The second body of structure is your emotional body. You respond emotionally in a patterned way. It is difficult to change a strong emotion quickly as feelings are structured.

The third body of structure is your physical body. Your physical body is even denser than the mind and emotions. It consists of many structural systems.

The Transcendental Self + Personality-Self = Unlimited Potential

The Transcendental Self is unlimited. The personality-self contains your potential. When your personality-self co-creates with your Unlimited(Transcendental) Self, you have unlimited potential.

Develop Your Potential by Developing Your Personality-Self

You don’t need to help the Transcendental Self develop its unlimitedness. It is unlimited by its very nature. However, you do need to work with the personality self to reach its full potential. For example, if your body is weak or unhealthy, it is not running at its full potential. It would be best if you worked with your body to maximize your health and strength through whatever methods work best for you, whether they be the food you eat or an exercise routine.

If life circumstances or people in your life set off emotional charges in you, you may not be running at your fullest potential emotionally. Do what you can to heal your emotions and reduce the stress in your life.

Keeping your mind sharp and agile by being open to new ideas will help you run at full potential mentally. Reading, and learning new skills, such as a foreign language, can also help sharpen the mind.

We live in an age where we can find the help and information we want in abundance. Learning meditative techniques, yoga, or Tai Chi are just a few examples of the things you can pursue to increase the potential of the structured side, the personality-self.

Connect With Your Transcendental Self

You don’t need to help your Transcendental Self develop its unlimitedness. However, it would be best to strengthen your awareness of and connection to your Transcendental Self.

The Transcendental Self Exists In The Now

To access your Transcendental Self, hold your awareness in the now moment. Be present in the now. It is through self-presence that you become aware of your Unlimited Self. One way to do this is to say to yourself, ‘I am,’ while in the now. At the same time, feel your existence. Sense the essence of who you are in each now moment

You can learn more about self-presence here: What Is the Real Secret In the Power of Now?

How To Manifest Using Your Unlimited Potential

As you increase your awareness of your Unlimited Self and work with your mind, emotions, and body of your personality-self to keep it running at your highest potential, you can use your unlimited potential to manifest your deep desires. Here’s how.

  1. Know what you desire on a deep level. Recall a long-standing desire. Move deep into the desire and sense it fulfilled. What is the sensation of the desire fulfilled? The more you sense the desire fulfilled, the more you move into the energy of its fulfillment. The Unlimited Self exists on the level of energy. Let go of the people or things that are part of the desire fulfilled and find its essence. What is the energy sensation of its essence?
  2. When you have a good sensation of the desire fulfilled, let your mind form pictures and thoughts around the sensation of the fulfilled desire. Your mind is the first body of structure. Through thoughts and pictures, it adds structure to the energy of your desire.
  3. When you have pictures or thoughts aligned to the desire fulfilled, move into your emotions and feel what it is like to have it manifested. Feel the excitement, joy, fulfillment, and any other positive emotions. Allow the feelings to fill you. The stronger your positive feelings, the more structure you bring to the desire, and the quicker it will manifest.
  4. You now have pictures, thoughts, and feelings adding structure to your desire fulfilled. The last step is to imagine the actions you take that are aligned with your desire fulfilled. Living with your desire fulfilled, what are you doing? What are your actions? Body actions give the densest structure to the energy of your desire. As you take aligned actions, you manifest your desire in your world.

In the first step, you are working with the Unlimited Self. With practice, you can sense the energy of the desire fulfilled. The Transcendental Self understands this unstructured energy and immediately sets up probabilities to bring your desire into manifestation.

In steps two through four, you are working with your personality-self, which is your potential. Your mind, emotions, and actions add structure to the unstructured energy of the desire fulfilled. The structure brings your desire into form.

The Unlimited Self sets up the probabilities, and the personality-self, your potential, gives structure to the energy of the probabilities. As you gain the ability to work with both your Unlimited Self and your personality-self, you have unlimited potential in your ability to manifest.

By Connecting With Your Transcendental Self Life Flows Easily

The more you re-connect with your Transcendental Self, the easier life flows for you. The Transcendental Self is who you are, the Eternal You. As you shift your identity from the temporary personality-self to the Transcendental Self, you tap into your full potential as the powerful creator you are. This is because as your Transcendental Self you manifest ‘who you are in all your glory. If who you are is an abundant, healthy, loving, and loved human being, your world will reflect that.

By Living In Your Unlimited Potential You Fulfill Your Purpose

Your Transcendental Self comes into the earth-life system to grow and evolve. It does this through the expansion of the personality-self. As you manifest more of your desires, your world expands, and your self grows. You live in your unlimited potential, actively fulfilling your purpose.

You are a multi-dimensional being. As you get to know yourself in many dimensions, in particular as you become intimate with your Transcendental Self, you will find your life transforming rapidly. New opportunities will magically come your way. There will still be challenges, but you will know the solution to them and your ability to handle life grows as you grow. As your identity shifts to your true nature, you live the life of your unlimited potential.

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