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Manifesting your dream body is the key to weight loss

Here is how your energy prevents you from reaching your weight loss goals

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Your excess weight is more than just fat.

If you are looking at food as a weapon and punishing yourself for your weight gain, I am here to tell you that this is bigger than your muffin top, thunder thighs, and double chin. Getting to your dream body requires manifesting. And for the record, manifesting is not just a wish. There is a lot of work that goes into it, and it is the key to getting whatever you want in this life, including your dream body.

“Manifesting your perfect weight will be the key to understanding weight loss, and weight gain is the key to understanding energy blockages.”

If you understood that, you would surmise that weight gain has everything to do with your energy, and you are right.

Fat is emotional. And that’s because food is emotional. When we are out of energetic balance, we resort to the emotional stabilizer, FOOD!

Food is essential, but it also makes us feel good. But too much of a good thing can be harmful, as we know, and in this case, it threatens our health, vitality, and ability to live out our best lives.

How many seed cycles, green juices, and endless spin classes will it take to get back to my size 4 jeans!

This was the question I’d ask myself daily. Don’t get me wrong, I love my healthful foods and a consistent exercise routine, but I can’t help but notice the non-pregnant, pregnant belly I’ve been donning for years, and quite frankly, I would like to know when the ab delivery due date is!

Is Fat Loss your Goliath?

I have been every size under the bodyweight rainbow, from a tight to 4 to a size 14. I know, very drastic, but even more extreme, it happened in the same year.

When I go back into time to examine when I was my thinner, healthier self, even in that brief window, I can clearly remember the state of happiness I was chronically in. I wore a big bright smile, had a pep in my walk, a thriving hobby, a healthy love relationship, albeit being a struggling college student; I felt great!

And then, BAM!

Something shifted. I had significant life events that gradually turned me into a fast food-loving, inactive couch potato. The person I was, the girl I loved dearly, had suffered a sudden death, and it crippled me with emotions that only food could cure — so I thought. I knew there was no cure, and the more sugar buns I consumed, the further I was away from reviving me again.

Hold on.

Now I am not saying you can’t be happy when you are overweight because we often see overweight people who have an external display of joy. But I will tell you that you cannot be happy if you obsessively fad diet, over-analyze your love handles, and secretly internally shame yourself.

Why you always lying!

We cannot be happy and then, in the same vein, internally shame ourselves for looking the way we do.

What do I mean by happy?


Freedom from the addiction to food, sedentary behavior, negative self-talk, and a commitment to nurturing your body. If you’re anything like me, my weight gain meant confusion, hatred, and an incessant desire to discard. It was everything happy is not.

Freedom is the highest component of love. We desire to be in a state of love because life is all about creating a sexy love affair.

Are you in an endless battle with your body?

Self-defeating, negative thought forms and self-sabotaging habits pierce your aura and prohibit you from becoming a radiant, magnetic being.

It’s not entirely your fault.

The media have done an excellent job at imprinting thought forms about the standard of beauty and worth. Which leaves us in an endless pursuit of perfection that most of the world will never attain.

Babe, you are Hot, just the way you are.

No way, not me !

Is that what you just told yourself after reading that sentence.

I hear from you. It’s not fun feeling this way. Especially when you are being reminded to practice self-love and to love the skin you’re in. But who are you kidding! It reeks of lies when your soul doesn’t feel connected to the self-love affirmative messages. Let’s be frank: if you don’t love what you see in the mirror, it ok. It is not ok to deny yourself of what you want to see as your reflection.

I can’t like you, if I don’t like me.

As harmful as it is for you to be in a state of unhappiness, it also harms others because how you feel about yourself will bleed into every aspect of your life in the subtlest ways.

The simplest way to put it is that unhappy people are self-saboteurs, and it is effortless for them to sabotage others. Why? Because you are in a low vibratory state. Your aura is compromised, and you are more susceptible to lower astral attachments and thought forms that plague your soul and rewire you into the mold of a low vibratory being. Whoa, a mouth load! Basically, you are on trend with being a Grinch!

Your body needs your love and appreciation as much as other people in your life, if not more.

So what should you do?

Create a love affair with the person you are aiming to be and fall in love with her in the present moment, so much so that each second you feel yourself inching closer to her rebirth.

You need to improve your self-image by letting go of negative toxic emotions like fear, shame, jealousy, resentment, unforgiveness, hatred, and anger. These thoughts have energy, so getting rid of them will have a cleansing effect on your physical body. Sounds easy, right?

The best way to describe what these thought-forms are doing to you when you are in a state of fear and condemnation is to look at it from an energetic cellular level. Every time you feed yourself with negativity, your cells begin to swell, thus making you expand in size and prohibiting you from losing weight.

What is needed is quite daunting yet straightforward, and that is to do a spiritual detox. Basically, an energetic diet. You can take up this diet solo or work with an energy practitioner; the choice is yours.

Here are a few things to consider when on an energetic spiritual detox:

  1. Visualize and then write all the aspects of the person you want to be. Make her sensational! Remember, it’s a love affair; you get to build the character.
  2. Practice falling in love with the body you have now by showing gratitude for your present state and thanking it for cooperating with you to get you to your dream body.
  3. Honor the food you eat and the things you drink and bless it before you consume. Do something like this: Thank you, celery juice, for bringing vitality to the earth. With your blessings, nourish my body by replenishing its vitality storages. Amen.
  4. Meditate and Pray; this is not easy for everyone because most people are overthinking it. There is no right way except to start. START! And everything will fall into place.
  5. Work with an energy practitioner; this is an energetic diet, and no better person could act as your coach. This person will analyze your energetic body to pinpoint when the weight issues began, which is tied to your feelings of worthlessness and rejection.

Because this is such an emotionally uncomfortable and triggering journey, I advise working with an energy healer who will energetically guide you through the healing process and help integrate new positive thought-forms throughout your body. I recommend booking a free call with SoulGloMethod to get “STARTING” today.

When you’re at an emotional low, you are desperately seeking a high, and this is nothing to be ashamed of.

You don’t have to believe you are stuck where you are anymore. You are allowed to want a steamy hot love affair with you. I want you to wake up every day genuinely feeling sexy, joyful, and in peace with your vessel. The result of a spiritual detox will profoundly affect how you think and will radically glow up your self-image. You will not only look amazing, but you will also feel it. You will be free, now tell me, what is dreamier than that?

Photo by Alex Azabache on Unsplash



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