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Marketing: 3 Reasons Energy Comes Before Strategy

We are still human beings that feel, after all.

Marketing: 3 Reasons why energy comes before strategy
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On a phone call with an advisor about investment opportunities in highly acclaimed artwork, I got sold. What I mean by that is that the art investment advisor tried to close the deal as fast as possible, disregarding my statement that I’d like to get information about their opportunities right now, but start investing at the end of summer, since all of my (formerly) free-floating cash is invested in stocks and crypto at the moment.

Probably everyone has been in a situation like this before, where a salesperson tried with all their might to pressure a decision out of you right now, fix the next call in the next two days to not lose time, and come with all the “advantages”, ahem excuses, why doing the deal now was incredibly important because otherwise a big opportunity would be lost.

This way of marketing does not feel good, it does not leave space to think for yourself and it calls for re-affirming boundaries, such as “I will take my time to think about it and check out the offer,” “I would like to get more background information on testimonials,” and “I can still accept your offer in 3 months, and it will be equally valid.”

Spiritual Marketing Techniques
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Closing fast or closing well, that is the question

There is, of course, a reason and a closer wants to close the deal as fast as possible. Needing more time on the client’s side often translates to not wanting to close the deal at all. However, what also happens is, if the salesperson/closer/marketing chief is putting too much pressure on the potential client, s/he feels desperate, giving the offer less credibility, and automatically turning the client away. Not because of the offer itself, but because of the strategy.

It's the same as when you enter a shop and an over-ambitious vendor runs towards you trying to follow your every step, anticipating what you could like, while you just want to browse through the items in silence. You are quicker out of that shop than in a place where the vendor greets you with a friendly “hello”, letting you know they are there for you, but leaving you to your own exploration.

We are adults, we can make decisions for ourselves, and we can also ask if we have a question. We don´t need to be taken away from our ability to decide when, why, and how we want to buy, nor do we need pressure in closing a “deal”.

Sales and marketing, the 3 best tricks to sell fast
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Don´t be a sleazy salesperson, just don´t

Whatever I put my money into, is because I want to have an experience. I place my cash in stocks because I love finding out how far I can get in the irrational stock market if I decide I will earn this or this much this month. I dabble with crypto because it´s a fun market to be in right now. I invest in courses because I love to learn something new and have the experience of being guided by someone I value.

What I don´t want is to be sold for stupid, as if I didn´t know how sleazy sales tactics work. Or as if I could not make a decision by myself.

Sorry, but I´m an adult, not a 3-year-old, and even 3-year-olds voice their “yes” and “no” clearly. That´s a return to the door for me all by myself, because — quite frankly — the experience is not enjoyable.

If I spend money, I want to whole-heartedly enjoy it.

Be it a coffee with cacao nibs, a yoga class, a trip through Yucatan, a gift for a friend, or a fancy Airbnb. Or well, a rikshaw ride through noisy Delhi, because I love it. It´s all about the experience.

Energy over Strategy comes from Flow
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Why Energy comes first

Having worked with clients all over the world for the past 8 years, selling group coaching, online courses, retreats, parties, workshops, 1:1 sessions, a book, paintings, jewelry, you name it, has shown me a few things. I´ve been guilty of being that pressure sleazy salesperson, too, because I didn´t know better.

Over time I came to understand that I appreciate it more to put out an offer and give people all the reasons, why it´s a great offer, but let them decide for themselves. Like that, I can lean back, see if there is “natural” traction.

Of course, I need to put in the work first and promote my offer to as many people as possible. But I refrain from pressuring them into buying, giving them a deadline (if it´s not a course with definite start date), and trying to help them make a decision, they can make themselves.

What I noticed over time is that, if I´m whole-heartedly aligned with my offer, because it gives me so much joy sharing it with others, but at the same time I’m detached from the outcome, people will buy. That´s about the energy, not the strategy.

A high-vibrational offer attracts high-vibrational clients, because it gives equal joy to the one promoting it as to the one buying it!

3 Reasons why Energy comes before Strategy in Marketing

  1. Your intention, your why, and your true connection to your clients are the most important things. This is the invisible part. It´s energetic.
  2. Your feeling about your offer, and the synergy that happens when you meet your clients knowing that they´ll feel amazing receiving the offer, and you’ll feel amazing sharing your offer, is what drives the sale. This is also invisible. It´s less dependent on the money, but more on the mutual meeting of interests. It´s not the strategy, it´s the feeling generated on both ends.
  3. Being healthily egoistic is important. Creating an offer that inspires you and is a contribution to your life, as it is a contribution to your client's life, is important. Only thinking of the clients is not working. Usually, it makes the offer feel heavier and less attractive. So what´s in it for you?

Let me know if you have experienced this too! What have been the easiest offers/sales/marketing tools for you?


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