May Your Cup Overflow

And fill your saucer

Ilis Trudie Palmer
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I recall the days resisting meditation, not trusting the message or the messenger who brought it. The logical me questioned his intent. He was never one to give something and not expect something in return.

Those days are long gone. I meditate at least twice a day, sometimes more, depending on how my energy is.

This morning, I sat on my mat. The energy was strong and positive and light. I knew it was going to be a nice session.

After settling in, getting my thoughts to relax, and stop acting like a toddler after a slice of chocolate cake, I felt my energy body lift. I usually describe it as a floating, detached feeling, like having exited the physical body and merging with the greater part of me, of the One Consciousness.

I heard, you know, I am not sure which of the senses get involved. Were they heard, seen, or felt? I do not know but the words that came to me and they were “My head is anointed, my cup overflows.”

Strange, but then what is strange during meditation?

There was a familiarity to the phrase, I think they were from The Lord’s Prayer, something I have not recited in its bible-taught form in ages.

The words blessed me.

And today, I hope that they bless you as well,

“May your head be anointed, and may your cup overflow.

Ilis Trudie Palmer
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