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Meditation and Henry Cavill’s Jawline

If you are the type of person who can lay in bed and starts to sleep at the drop of a hat, I must tell you that I don’t like you, right off the bat.

The truth is, I am deeply jealous of you. I just cannot sleep that fast. As soon as I go to bed, (I dislike using this term but I will) all my creative juices start flowing. They say, inspiration comes in most uncomfortable places and it’s true. I can tell you that I wrote the most important parts of many of my songs, either when I was in the bathroom, in shower or in bed. However, in those circumstances, it’s really…




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Engin Doganay

Engin Doganay

Songwriter; published many songs in professional studio albums. Member of MSG (Musical Work Owners Association) @engindoganay

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