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Meditation Through Action

See, Focus, Click…

A Dipper. Photo by Marketa Zvelebil ©

I love, no, I am passionate, about taking photographs. Nearly passionate enough to get up at ungodly hours in the morning (sometimes) to get “the photo” with “the correct light”. Why?? Why, when I don’t make much, if any, money from it. When I don’t need to share thousands of my photos online. Why do I take them?

What happens when I take that camera in my hand, feel its weight, feel the lens, and put my eye to the view finder to look through and get a focused view of a much smaller part of my surroundings?

Although, I love taking photos of everything, partly due to where I live, my focus is on wildlife. Local as well as migrating. And mainly it’s either insects or birds. For birds I use a 500mm telephoto lens. So what I see, is a compressed area with a specific focus — the bird (or whatever animal).

What happens?

At that moment I am in a small area, totally focused, totally at one with the subject. Everything else ceases to exist. The world around me is no more. The physical pain that accompanies my daily life ceases to be. My heart is at one with the action that I am part of, via the camera. I don’t always click, I just am part of that small moment in life, the life of another being, the world through different perspective.

It is with a physical jolt, when I remove myself from the viewfinder, that I am deposited back into the “real” world. Sometimes it takes time to refocus on my surroundings and placement both in time and space. Normal life has returned, and I hear and see everything else as it mixes in a chorus of nature.

But for those few minutes I am deep in a different physical state, a meditative state. At one with the camera and the subject of my eye. We melded; we were one.

That is why I love photography, because you have a chance to enter a different world. To forget everything. It is a great way to de-stress. This type of meditation can be found through other activities that people enjoy. What activity is yours?



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Marketa Zvelebil

Marketa Zvelebil

A retired (disabled and an ex-refugee) scientist, currently a photographer who loves to write. Mainly about life, and thoughts on current or any issues.