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Medium Has Been Good to Me This Week

Singing the praises of older folk

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Coming up to my one year anniversary on Medium, I had already started to look at my stats to see if there was any particular pattern emerging which would indicate what topics seemed to do better.

I have written about two of my stories that earned absolutely nothing.

Did Any of Your Stories Earn Nothing? | by Carol Price | ILLUMINATION | May, 2021 | Medium

One of them has now earned 7c. Not enough to make me jump for joy, but I think it was a useful exercise nevertheless.

I didn’t really discover a trend in my more successful stories. I suppose the main issue is that I write about a lot of different topics. Some of my humorous stories have done quite well and some of my poetry, but nothing had stood out particularly until this week.

A story I wrote advising older women to prepare for the likelihood of having to live alone has certainly struck a chord. Nothing I have written previously got any more than 200 views, but this one has reached 1k and is still rising.

Be Prepared To Live Alone. That is, if you are an older woman | by Carol Price | Crow’s Feet | May, 2021 | Medium

At the same time, I noticed that my followers have increased to more than 1k. There must be a significance to 1k. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if payment also aligned with that number? No chance of that I fear.

What can we deduce from this?

There is definitely a relatively untapped audience of older people on Medium, the grey hair brigade, the retirees who are interested in reading about things relevant to their world. A number of publications cater for the older age group including Crows Feet, which is where I published my successful story. I am aware of a new publication touting for writers called Boomerang and I am sure there are others.

With more time on their hands, a lifetime of experience and new computer literacy, older folk have a lot to offer.

Can we turn around society to a place where we listen to our elders again and acknowledge they have a useful role?

Let’s stop hiding our elderly away and integrate them into a multicultural, multi-age mix.

We want to hear your voices. You have been side-lined for too long.

What stories you have to tell! Let’s hear about your childhood, your relationships, your mistakes, your successes.

Put on your glad-rags and open the door. Come and join the new street party!




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