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5 days ago, I posted an article about Top Writer Tags in 2022 and some good practices regarding how to use tags in general.

It’s a comprehensive read that consists of:

  • All Top Writer Tags (with number of stories published)
  • 2 Top Writers are tagged in each tag
  • 3 tips on how to use tags

You’d want to bookmark this 7-minute read for future reference.

You can easily find and read top writers in a particular category straight from that article.

A lot of writers are finding that resource useful.

For example, Ella Kay, a freelancer and a ghost-writer, commented:

“I’m beyond grateful that I’ve found your article. This is so helpful for newbies like me 😁 THANK YOU.”

Thanks, Ella! ☺️

GIVE IT A READ AND LET ME KNOW HOW YOU LIKED IT. Until next time, byeee! 👋❤️ Let’s connect on Twitter.

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