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Medium’s New Logo – A Symbol of Dwindling Payouts?”

Penny’s Not from Heaven

Photo by Keira Fulton-Lees

Medium’s New Logo

I found out that Medium had changed their Logo simply because I could not find it on my cell phone. That was the first of many irritations about this new Logo.

Once I found the app on my cellphone, and saw that there was a new Logo, then compared at to the old Logo, I could not see where this new Logo represented the brand, or in fact could not discern what concept was behind the design at all.

If the concept behind a Logo is not immediately obvious to the viewer, then the designer has failed to do his or her job.

What Does it Mean?

At first glance, I thought perhaps they were trying to represent phases of the Moon. But, there was no way that that could be true, as during the waxing and waning of the Moon, at no point does it become a narrow flat vertical position, as does Medium new Logo in the third from the left of the black rounded and oval images.

The “Ah Ha” Moment

Then my next thought in trying to decipher the concept of the Logo incited an “ah ha” moment. The new Logo looks like a coin being turned from front center, to about a 45 degree turn, then finally a complete 180 degree side view of the coin.

Penny’s Not From Heaven

In my feature image, I used a penny to take photos of the coin as I rotated it to mimic approximately the same degree of angles in rotation as Medium’s new Logo.

I could have used a nickel, dime, quarter or dollar coin, but I decided on a penny because there are only a small percentage of writer’s on Medium who make the big bucks, and I will explain that in more detail in the next section.

Is the Logo a Forewarning of Dwindling Payouts for Writers?

Why don’t we play around a little bit with the concept of the new Medium Logo. Take a look at my Feature Image Logo and entertain my idea as the source of the concept as being that of a vanishing penny. There are three transitions:

  1. In the first image from the left, President Abraham Lincoln’s face is front and center. That’s a good thing. It represents money fully as Lincoln’s face is right there for you to see. This could be thought of as the best of payout’s for the writer
  2. In the second image, Lincoln face is barely visible – an indication that he is beginning to turn away from you, as perhaps Medium may be turning away from payouts to writers.
  3. In the third image, you can no longer see Lincoln’s face at all. The money has no face value, perhaps a warning of Medium turning away from payout’s to writers.

Why Is The Image All Black?

The images in Medium’s new Logo are all black in color, but the Logo is in no way an indication of their support of the “Black Lives Matter” movement. Perhaps a missed opportunity to express their support for this much needed movement?

Or, is the black color reflective of an indication that your lights will be soon turned off because you can’t afford to pay your electric bill due to dwindling payouts?

Is Medium’s New Logo A Foreboding Message That Soon We Can No Longer Expect Payouts At Face Value for What We Write?

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