Mining For Gold

Not a lot of precious ore in them thar hills!

Dmitry Dimedko — Unsplash

If for nothing else, I imagine that the two and a half people who follow me on Medium are amazed at how prolific I am. Day after day, I post two or three stories without fail. While writers’ block isn’t one of my many problems, the truth is that I don’t write those two or three stories every day.

I have literally thousands of pages archived from old blogs and magazines I’ve written for. The challenge is mining those mountains of mediocrity to find something worth republishing.

Generally, I start at the beginning — or end — or middle — to place my finger on the “page down” key — and skim titles. And yes, that works to some extent. I might see a title that interests me or even remember “oh, yeah! That was a good one.”

But mostly, what I find is either “page six” gossip the old blog readers looked for — or whiny bull shit I’d write ventilating about the trials and tribulations of dealing with spoiled escorts. Not a lot of it is worth reading at this point. Or ever, really.

On occasion, I’ll think back to something I wrote and endeavor to find it by searching for a single word I know is in that story — and not in a lot of others. And what happens more often than not is that word search leads me to several articles I missed along the way that are the nuggets I’ve been seeking all along.

I can’t explain exactly why that is. But just when I thought I’d found all the gold that lay in them thar hills, doing a word search — any word search — seems to help me find more stories to publish here.

So my advice to those who have endless files some of which might be of interest to anybody but you? Think up any word that might be in one of those stories and search the mess with that word. You’ll be surprised what you might unearth. I know I am constantly.

A few of the nuggets:


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