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Why I Won’t Touch a Mobile Game

Featuring “Raid: Shadow Legends”

Someone playing a mobile game
Photo by Onur Binay on Unsplash

Raid: Shadow Legends is a mobile game that took the world by storm, primarily through YouTube ads. The ads were becoming so widespread that channels not even about gaming were promoting this game. It reached meme status, and YouTubers started promoting it with a tongue-in-cheek demeanor.

There is nothing inherently wrong with mobile games. Your only gaming device maybe your phone, and there may be good situations in which you can game on it, but because of the other options available, mobile gaming is simply unappealing.

The Shortcomings of Mobile Gaming

An often subpar experience

Most phones were simply not designed to run impressive games. Even if the computing capacity was available, it is not as easy to navigate a game using onscreen controls. We only have one guaranteed shot at this life, and if we want to spend a lot of it gaming, we can invest in a real gaming experience.

The least you can do is invest in a handheld device. That way, you can game on the go while simulating console or PC gaming as much as you can, but handheld gaming is usually a sliver of what console or PC gaming brings.

Gaming is subjective, and it’s whatever you want it to be, whether it’s on your phone or a PlayStation 5. However, it is undeniable that the PlayStation 5 is more qualified to run high-quality games than an iPhone. Regardless, is it really worthwhile to game on the go?

Less immersion in the world

Mobile gamers usually game while on the go, meaning that they are less immersed in their public surroundings. That can lead to being less connected to society to putting yourself in dangerous situations.

When it comes to danger, it is easier to avoid crime with your eyes constantly studying your surroundings, and you can even avoid occurrences such as ice falling from a rooftop, which happens more often than you think in cold climates.

Mobile gaming can drain your battery fast, and phones can help a lot with safety, from using a maps app to find your way home to calling the police in times of need. Even Huawei posted about mobile games’ battery consumption.

Some even play mobile games at home, which is an experience that can be replaced with a console or PC experience to maximize enjoyment.

Milking at its worst

Mobile gaming is ridden with milking. What initially seems like a free mobile game is jampacked with different things to purchase so you can “play to win”.

Of course, it is up to you how to spend your money, and game developers are not forcing you to pay, but their business model frequently relies on making the free version of a game tough to play.

Final Fantasy: The Bravest, a 2013 mobile game and part of a reputable franchise, was ranked the second-worst mobile game by TheGamer. This cash cow was allegedly filled with microtransactions despite not even being free to play.

The concept of mobile gaming’s shortcomings can be applied to life in general. Mobile gaming is simply accepting a subpar form of an experience you can fairly easily obtain.

Sure, games like Candy Crush may be more enjoyable on a little phone, but many play games that are a shadow of what they are on consoles or PC.

There are other things that may be dragging your attention away from your surroundings, such as watching videos on your phone on board a train.

If you constantly commute on public transportation, you shouldn’t completely cut out immersive activities, but balance is key, and consider something like reading a book or learning a language onboard a train to at least compensate your lower vigilance with something actually worthwhile.

Worthwhile to you, of course!




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