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Modesty is Bull

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Yesterday I wrote a poem that was awesome. Well… ok… not objectively awesome, whatever that means. It was awesome to me. It felt amazing writing that thing. It felt amazing reading it afterwards and noticing how cool it was. I can afford to say this. I don’t know if I’d say it the same way if somebody would hear me or read this text. Maybe that’s a problem. We sacrifice sincerity, truth, authenticity for the fear of risking appearing too smug, or for the fear of offending someone. We feel that modesty is the way to go in our outward interactions. But maybe, as Kant said — if I remember correctly — , modesty in a situation where you’re excited, you feel good about what you have created is nothing short of hypocrisy.

I think we should really allow ourselves to enjoy ourselves more. To experience joy fully when we feel it and not to tone it down for the fear of offending anyone. Who cares? Those who take offence where none was given is not our responsibility. Moments of pure joy and exaltation are rare enough, might as well f***ing enjoy them to the fullest. Screw the haters!

False modesty doesn’t really impress anyone. I can smell it from afar and I bet you all can too. It’s just lame and it kinda has an underlying assumption that one is too dumb to tell the difference between it and the real thing. Actually, what even is the real kind of modesty? I think modesty might be pointless. There is no point in acting modestly if you don’t get the fact that whatever you do, whatever you accomplish, it is never by your own forces alone. Other people might have been involved and helped too, chance might have been in your favour and, heck, the very fact that you have ground to stand and walk on, air to breath, and the f***ing contributions to society and technology of every human being up until yourself are not something to ignore. That’s f***ing modesty. When you realise this, now when you emulate how modesty looks on the outside.

And who the hell even said that modesty forbids celebration, happiness, enjoyment? Why not enjoy the fruits of your labour? Or even the fruits of your inspiration. For is not God’s whisper a cause for celebration and much happiness? I say screw modesty. Be humble, as in, know who you are and that you’re always helped and do nothing merely of yourself. But f***ing celebrate, it’s your commandment to celebrate because celebration implies sincere gratitude.

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