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Moisturizer for your beautiful skin in winter

Simplicity wins

Photo by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash

My skin is so dry, what do I do? I asked everyone around me. My friends began to recommend different types of creams to me.

Each time I went to the market, I bought a cream. My dressing table was loaded with moisturizing creams.

All these creams failed and my lips continued to be chapped and dry. My face looked haggard and dry. My hands and feet were in poor shape.

This year 2020 seemed unusual in every way. Something seemed to be wrong with me.

One fine day, I was looking over some beauty routine notes of mine and I found in one of the old diaries that there are some simple remedies that we overlook. If nothing is possible try this and you will succeed.

I then went to my dressing table and began to look at the ingredients of all the creams that I had bought and filled my closet with. I was astonished to see that every cream stated that it had glycerine in it as one of the ingredients. Then perchance I looked at the soaps, shampoos, and face washes and almost all of them had glycerine in them also. So why not try the pure form?

The product was Glycerine or the ultimate savior.

I looked at the Amazon site immediately and here is what I found. A picture of it is inserted below.

Khadi Glycerine Amazon

The product description as given on the Amazon site was Khadi Omorose Glycerine (Pure & Unscented) — Pharmaceutical Grade, 100% Vegan, Hypoallergenic — Beauty & SkinCare — 250 Grams and the price is Rs.234 which is much lower than the price of any cream that I could find in the market.

This appeared attractive to me and I immediately bought it. Being a prime member was an advantage so it promised delivery the very next day.

I remembered from my previous experience that glycerine should never be used on the skin directly. I have a friend who is a skin specialist. She used to say that rosewater should be mixed with glycerine because it is very thick and the skin can become blotchy or break into pimples because it becomes oily when applied directly.

I used the mixture of glycerine and water for three days and it is a ‘new me.’My skin is now soft and I feel comfortable.

Just to let you know that I also did another trial and made a face pack at home with gram flour, rose water, and glycerine, and the effect is just awesome on the skin. Try it and you will see the difference.

The benefits of glycerine are the following:

#1. It is a panacea for Cracked heels. The results are seen within a week.

#2. It is quite a magic formula for chapped lips as they heal within 3 days.

#3. It helps people who suffer from skin eczema and I have seen some people who have benefitted from the use of glycerine.

#4. It is considered to have anti-aging properties so a natural face pack can be made by mixing gram flour and rose water already explained and used on the face.

#5 I have heard from my neighbors that they use it for healing wounds because it has got some antibacterial properties.

#6. It is good for use on the hair as it removes dandruff and itchy condition.

#7. Some doctors have prescribed its use for a nappy rash for babies too.

In conclusion, I would like to say that glycerine is the best moisturizer for the skin. Just do remember to mix it with rose water or even plain water if rose water is not available. It is very thick in texture and requires to be thinned.

Glycerine is simple, easy to use, very useful, inexpensive and every home should keep it in their kit for use during the winter months.




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